Thursday, August 23, 2018

Customer Service

If you want help, don't yell at Customer Service!

I found these images on the same day that I made Schrödinger's Machine.  While they're quite obviously sexy as all get out, I just heard this complaining voice in my head whining about how he wanted a body swap but not with a man.  I initially thought it would be two pictures with an obscura text in between them.  The first image, where he's happy with the body, and then what's now in the fourth panel, where he's calling customer service again and talking to them on speakerphone.  I also pictured the man chiming into the conversation and mentioning how happy he was with his body.

But the more I wrote, the more I liked the escalation of anger, threat, and finally submission.  I wrote this giggling almost the entire time and hope that the humor comes across.  At the same time... damn she looks fine!

I got the images here at fuskator of course.  Again, just like the previous cap, I'm a little out of practice, so the layout is simple and the design is incredibly repetitive.  But I'm happy with it and hope that you enjoy it!


  1. Amazing! You call this out of practice, but it's topnotch, better than the caps I've written before. I really enjoy how you conveyed the rising tide of desperation across multiple phone "conversations" (i.e., rants), and the fact that it's a monologue from Calvin without other voices interrupting makes it all the more effective. It's also interesting how the silent target of Calvin's anger, the Body Temps company, comes across as almost a character (the reader is left to imagine what was in the welcome packet and also the attitudes of the Customer Service staff). All around, a delightful romp, these flashes of Caitlyn making me giggle and brightening my day. :D

    1. Thanks Karen!

      I appreciate the compliments about the cap. What I meant by being out of practice is that when I was making several caps a month, I'd always be biting at the bit to try out a new design or layout. I was more 'out of the box' thinking. This cap as well as the previous one are more or less standard layouts for me, but since I haven't done them in a long while, they took me an extra long time.

      I do really appreciate the compliments on the writing though! That's something that I do keep more honed because of my role playing at D+X and my Obscuras. I thought it was fun having the conversation one sided as that would allow each reader to set the tone of the customer service representative. I personally was picturing them as a bored representative barely interested in the situation or the job, but it could just as easily be a domineering pissed off employee or a soft spoken "oh we're so sorry, how can I help" type person.

      Again, thank you for the compliment!