Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Living Up To His Word

A real alpha male always lives up to his word!

I think I'm really falling into a good rhythm.  I find that I can write from Caitlyn's perspective, even when it's not easy to do so.  And to make a cap for Realfield (who was next up on my cap debt list), I would really need to write from Caitlyn's perspective.  Being sissified unwillingly by a strong alpha male feels just wrong to me now.... but it feels so right deep down in Caitlyn's sticky squirmy depths.

When I first saw this image my mind went in a far more willing and even loving direction.  I pictured 'Tiffany' as the girl getting fucked, while the girl on top would be telling the story of how she couldn't believe that this was her former boyfriend Carl.  But that's not the bullseye I like to hit for Realfield.  No.... I know she likes for the Alpha Male to crush her will.  But looking at the girl's expression, I figured I could put 'Tiffany' into her as her expression spoke more to her frustration an being put into this humiliating position.

With that in mind, I went to write.  I fully intended this to be nothing more than 'Alpha Male crushes Carl and forms Tiffany humiliatingly from the remaining parts'.  No great story arch... just squirmy happiness.  While writing I would often have to go back and delete whole paragraphs as I kept lurching the story back to a sweeter version.  It was like a driving with a flat tire... it's hard to keep on the path you want.

But I think I hit my stride in the blowjob paragraph.  I think that because I look at it now and just blanch... it's so wrong.  And if I feel it's wrong... then it has to be right.  Right?

I will admit that I let myself off the hook at the end, with having Tiffany want Slade to herself.  It's a little softer ending than I had intended.  But I didn't change it as I think it also shows just how far Slade has changed Tiffany.  There's even room to think that she wants him all to herself so that she can still prove her manhood.... or the more obvious path, that she wants him to herself because she's accepted her life as his sissy girl.

I had to play quite a bit with the text boxes to get it all the story to fit.  My first intent was to have a single rectangular text box on the left, and let the story tell the picture more... but there was no way I could make all of this fit in the space.  So I extended it out a bit on the bottom as really the thigh's aren't a major part of the story.  Tiffany's expression Slade's cock tells the story.  But even with that extension  I was still short.  So I finally had to put the second text box in.  And to make the remaining story fit in that space (lining it up with the extention), I actually had to ADD a little to that part.

My one regret in the text boxes is that I have it slightly covering up Tiffany's hair.  I didn't notice when I made it that wide, and by the time I DID notice, it would have required far to much work to fix.  So I'll live with that mistake.  As for the story... well it disturbs me, so I think I nailed it.  But I'll have to rely on Realfield and all of you to confirm that.

Oh, and by the way, I'm down to owing just three caps.  I hope this exercise worked, as two of those debts belong to smitty!


  1. So happy to be the muse for this cap. It was wonderfully squirmy. Breaking them down and then...making them work for it. Masterful.

  2. Getting his girlfriend involved was the icing on the cake. and by the end of it, I did believe that she was a natural sissy at heart, so the fight she put up before hand, just seems to be a token resistance at best.

    It's strange that this forced cap, feels very willing by the end of it. More like she was fighting with her self and the desires and feelings she didn't want to admit.