Thursday, October 17, 2013

[Question] do you think I should continue?

How do you continue?  By being Army Strong of course!

Today's question comes in from Jacob/Jamie:

I've been a long time reader but I only finally wanted to ask you for advise... I've really started to embrace the thoughts that sort of got squashed early in my life. I got caught dressing in some of my sisters clothes when I was very young by my mother and really died of embarrassment. Only recently have I finally moved out of the house... but I really can't call myself free to dress or pursue my dreams because I took a break to follow another of mine. I'm in the US Army. My question is really just... how do you think I should continue? I can't just have a box of woman's clothing in my room because of inspections, and i'm in a currently all male combat MOS... so theres no feminine input to turn to outside the internet. Help?

Before I get into your question I want to thank you for your service.   While I've never served myself my family has a long history of serving in the military and I have the utmost respect for anyone that protect our nation.

So... not only are you in the Army, you are in a combat military occupational specialty.  I'm assuming that you don't want to share your feminine fantasies with your military buddies and want to keep this private.  If that's the case then the only real possibility I can imagine is taking advantage of leave.  It wouldn't be cheap and would still involve risking being recognized, but you could always go out and buy yourself some feminine frillys, check into a motel for the day and indulge your dressing desires in private.  It may be expensive as you couldn't return with anything that you purchased, but you would get to have some privacy and time alone to indulge.

I can say from personal experience that the joys of dressing up last far longer than the actual experience.  The first time I pulled on a pair of panties (in my adult life) only lasted a few hours, but the physical experience got played over and over in my mind for days.  It probably would have lasted longer but I have more privacy available to me and was able to indulge again fairly soon there after.  While my privacy is more frequent, it isn't as complete as having a hotel room for hours would be.  I could really only risk putting on a pair of panties and then slipping on some regular jeans over them.  In a hotel room you could get completely dolled up... panties, stockings, bra, garter belt, makeup... hell you could even get a wig.

The only other way I can suggest indulging yourself while still in service is to let your mental fantasies fly.  We all have complete privacy in our minds.  If you are anything like me, your fantasies involve a quick moment or experience... you imagine looking down to see your legs encased in the satiny smooth stockings or imagine walking around in a pair of heels.  But you could take this further by imagining out every step.  Don't let yourself skip ahead... just imagine a scenario of you getting dressed and take it slow.  For example:

Start by setting up what you want to experience.  Do you want to be you dressing up?  Or do you want to be a 'real' woman dressing up?  Either way, imagine yourself naked.  Sit down on the bed and pull your nylons out of their packaging.  Hold them.  Feel them.  Rub them over your lips, your face and your body.  Slowly slip them up your legs.   Let your hands wander and experience how smooth and feminine your legs now are.  Make sure the seams are straight in the back before standing up.  When you do stand, hold your panties up and take a good long look at them.  Notice all the details...  how delicate and lacy they are.  How stretchy and feminine they are.  How they'll look as they slide up your legs and either hold your maleness back between your legs or how they'll cup your effeminate garden.  Gently place each of your feet into the panties and pull them up. Take your time to note how they feel as they glide over your stocking clad legs.  Notice how that feeling changes as they start to rub over your naked flesh.  When they reach your waist make sure they fit snugly and hold you tight.  Let them enforce just how pretty they are making you.  Take a few steps and focus on how they either slip between your cute cheeks or support your tender upturned ass....

Just take your time and imagine how each piece of clothing, jewlery and cosmetic looks, feels and smells.  This imagination exercise should take as long if not longer than it takes a lovely woman to get dressed up.  And don't skip ahead... let each moment be an escape unto itself.  Only when you are fully dressed... each piece of jewlery in place, each cosmetic applied perfectly... do you continue and imagine what you want to do dressed up in such a sexy manner.  This directed slow reverie can work for just about any fantasy.  You can get dressed up in a cocktail dress and get taken out on a romantic date.  You can get dressed up in your school uniform and attend classes.  You can get dressed up in your cheerleader outfit and go cheer on the team.... you can be whatever you want and do whatever comes to mind.

I wish I had more options for you... I really do.  But the lack of privacy you have is quite daunting.  I can't even imagine how you found the privacy to check out my blog!  I've only looked at TG sites while in the privacy of my own room.

As thanks to you for your service, I wanted to make a cap for you.  As you probably know I'm not having the easiest of time making caps but I put my nose to the grind stone and made this for you:


  1. Another route this person could take while on leave would be to hit up a place like Glamour Boutique .. which also happens to sponsor Fictionmania, which is only the LARGEST TG fiction website.

    Glamour Boutique has 3 locations .. in New Jersey, Mass, and Las Vegas. They have all the outfits, wigs, etc .. and people that help do the makeover. Depending on how much time and money he has, he could have a really good time. I believe they also take your pictures and seem to be very discrete.

    If he's not in any of those places, he could still look online as many big cities have at least one place like this around. I know people that have mentioned places in Seattle and in California that also do what Glamour Boutique does.

  2. I don't have a ton to say on this other than Thank You for your service! I hope you can find an outlet for your fantasies until you get more personal space/time!

    Also, Caitlyn made an Army Strong experience. Love what you did with color here!

  3. This was amazing Caitlyn! For starters, Jamie can simply re-read your blog entry. I almost, well, you know....And the cap is so sweet...

    Thanks for your service Jamie!!