Monday, January 27, 2014

Incomplete Wish

Wishes NEVER work out!

I swung by Rachel's Haven this morning and was greeted by two wonderfully masked birthday captions.  They both made me smile and I wanted to be sure and not only thank them for the gift, but to add their names to me ever increasing cap debt list.

For just a moment I thought of skipping ahead and making them each a cap right now, but when I saw that Jay Seaver's name was at the top of my debt list, I figured I had made Jay wait long enough for his own return.  I've actually skipped over him a few times to cap both Dee and Simone as Jay isn't exactly easy to write for.  Since I was actually in a good mood though, I figured now as as good as any time to take a swing.

I headed over to Jay's preferences, but didn't get any inspiration there.  When I skipped ahead to his most recent 'flavor of the day', I did get a few ideas.  It seems that Jay was looking for something seasonal... not holiday related but temperature related.  He mentioned both body swapping with someone in a warm locale, and tight sweaters.  My mind immediately went to the humerus idea of a sweater bikini.

After searching for awhile I actually came upon an image:

I had the idea of Jay swapping bodies with a female friend who happened to be a bikini model.  The thrust of the idea would be him hoping to get to experience being pampered and babied while posing in a sexy body on some exotic warm beach to escape the cold New England winter.  The 'HA' moment at the end would be him freezing his new tush off while modeling a sweater on a freezing New Jersey beach.  Sadly beyond that setup, I couldn't get any traction.

I didn't want to give up on capping Jay though, so I did something that I rarely do;  I went into the pics I've saved back for later capping.  I'm not like many cap artists out there... I don't have a folder with thousands of photos.  In fact my 'To Cap' folder only has about a dozen photos, and most of those are of the XXX variety.  Something that Jay isn't into.  While I was tripping down memory lane trying to remember why I saved each image I came across this set:

Now these are not images I would normally consider for Jay.  Even though they are technically clean, they are just to overly sexualized.  While viewing them though, I started thinking of what Jay would say about them.  Random thoughts like 'Why would a secretary need a bullwhip?'  'Why are secretaries portrayed in such inappropriate attire', and 'Those heels are way to impractical for an office setting'.

That's when it hit me... I could make a funny cap of Jay being magically transformed into this body.  I figured this image would work as her look is more 'What the fuck dude!' rather than 'Come here and Fuck me Dude!':

I immediately knew that I wanted to put the story between her legs, and that the story would be Jay berating the friend that transformed him into this sexual fantasy without even thinking to change his mind or personality.  As the last bit of chuckle, I figured that the inept wishing friend would actually wish for Jay to have the skills of a successful secretary and that would let Jay wander off to go get a more appropriately titled administrative assistant job.

Writing the story was as simple as putting all of my random thoughts out as a single dialog and then editing it down to fit in the space provided.  Design wise I tried to think of something to fill up all the extra space at the top of the image and finally decided on cropping it out all together.  I think it works as it emphasizes what the friend wished for... all body and no thought of brains.

This certainly isn't one of my best captions and not something I'd normally consider for Jay, but I hope he gets a chuckle out of it.  I hope you do too!

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