Monday, February 17, 2014

Fun Loving Girls And Their Fun Loving Wishes

Best Friends Forever!

I made this cap for Jezebel over at the Haven.  She certainly isn't the easiest person to cap for me as most of her preferences involve her loving the end result of the transformation.  That's a little harder for me to capture, but as she made me a really beautiful cap, I just had to return it in kind.  In fact, here's the cap she made for me:

Not only is it a very sweet cap, it's just plain beautiful.  Wonderful use of a fairly abstract image, wonderful story, and wonderfully simply layout.

So my first thought was to return her in kind.  Find a unique image and craft a beautiful story to go along with it.   That thought lasted all of 20 minutes as I couldn't find a unique image that inspired any kind of story.  So next up I went a little deeper into Jinny's (as Jezebel prefers to be called) preferences.  Much like Alectra, Jinny has several personalities to cap.  Jinny or Jin is a fun loving quirky girly girl.  Jinx is a fairy, and Jinn is a little more naughty minded.

Reading about each of these, I first thought I'd cap her as Jinn.  I mean we all know how much I like everybody's 'naughty' side.  But as I started to search for some sexy images, I kept thinking of Jinny's avatar:

Come on.... how can you look at a cutie pie avatar like that and craft a wickedly erotic lesbian story?  So with 'cute' in mind I went over to 'Jinny' as a target. Here are some of the images and basic story lines that I tried, but couldn't finish:

Yes, it's a dark image, but I as hoping to make a light hearted fun story to go with it.  The basic gist was someone that wanted to 'punish' Jeffery by making him over into an oversexed girl, but every change just backfired and made her more and more into a fun loving girl.  The one bit of story that I kept in mind was:

"So you've started using subliminal messages?"

"Yes, but she foiled that too.  She found the iPod and erased all the subliminal music, replacing it with Bananarama songs."

I thought it could be fun, but I just couldn't get anywhere else with the story idea.

I didn't really have a story to go along with this image.  Instead all I had was a reaction.... someone asking the newly transformed Jinny to give her a 'warrior' pose.  She would end up giggling at this face and inviting Jinny to go shopping with her.  Sadly it isn't nearly enough to base a story off of.

This was kind of a combination of the first and second story ideas.  Someone failing at making Jeffery into a sexy erotic woman.  Notice the playboy bunny necklace?  I didn't even get as far as a story fragment though... it was just too cute of an image to let go.

In the end I couldn't stop looking at the image I ended up using:

I think it's the grin and wink combination that kept me coming back.  She just looks adorable.  Even after cropping it in a little closer, I was still left with the impression that she was holding me up and winking at me.... so that just got rolled up into the story.  And what's cuter than a fun loving girl than holding up her new kitty cat?

I tried to keep a tongue in cheek attitude while writing, and hopefully Jinny won't mind me using her as a fun agent of change as well as being transformed herself.  I of course also hope that all of you get a kick out of the cap.


  1. All of the images you selected as potential caps are the same type that I would use for Jinny. But don't let her fool you; she enjoys good racy stories too - she writes some fantastically erotic transformation caps.

  2. Loved the buttery fly Cap
    Some times I wish I could go away in a caccoon and change into something

  3. Mmmm. Yet another version of the Butterfly Effect. Lovely.



  4. I actually used the photo with earphones to cap Jinny on her birthday (1/10) at the haven using a lyrics mashup from three songs about redheads. And you're right in that like you I tend to write naughty rather thsn nice but that's actually a good thing as we've experimented with poetry caps and other styles that most other cappers shy away from. And Jinn does like her butterflies. Reminds her of faeries I think.
    Like the cap yiu did for me it is an excellent use if image and imagery!

  5. Oh and typing responses on my Kindle Fire is my excuse for all the typos.

  6. I tend to think of Jinny as a young version of Petra who hasn't been totally corrupted yet, and just starting to really blossom.