Monday, May 15, 2017

What's the worst that could happen?

A line of thought?  Or prophecy?

What’s the worst that could happen?  Terri and Bruce are a nice couple and they need a baby sitter.  They trust me, but don’t want the neighborhood to know they have a college freshman boy looking after their new baby.  I mean, it doesn’t matter if I’m taking classes to be a pediatrician and am really good with babies…. They just don’t want the noise.  So I play a little dress up… I show up, sit for the baby, and leave all while playing the part of ‘Caitlyn’.

It’s not like anybody I know will ever see me doing this.  It’s not like Bruce would take my picture all dolled up and use it to blackmail me into dressing even more like a tart.  It’s not like Terri would see me dressed up like that and assume that I AM a tart and start treating me like a girl all the time.  It’s not like Bruce would see Terri giving me advice on where to pick up boys and get the wrong idea.  It’s not like they’d hire me more and more and each try helping me out… Terri by helping me learn makeup and hair tips, Bruce by helping me be more comfortable with my body by hugging me and patting my curvy bottom all the time.  It's not like Bruce would come home one night drunk from his poker game while Terri was away on business and drunkenly force me onto my knees and make me give him a blowjob.  It’s not like he’d use that footage from the nanny cam to blackmail me into giving him oral whenever he wants it.  It’s not like Terri would catch us one night and promise to help me get better so that I could get my own man.  It’s not as though they’d force me to stay with them over the summer, making me sexually serve Bruce whenever he wanted while Terri set me up on date after date with all the neighborhood jocks….

Nah… that would never happen.  “Sure Terri!  I’ll do it!”


  1. Sometimes, if we're lucky, dreams do cum true!

  2. Delicias lindas,adoro isto,estou no jeito aqui,muito gostosas,beijos ....