Tuesday, December 5, 2017

D+X Institute: Office Services


The allure of the secretarial fantasy is what brought me to D+X.  I had role played before at other sites, but they were generally short term role plays around a specific game.   Super heroes, the Medallion of Zulo,  and other fun stuff.  What got me to D+X was actually Locked in Lace.  I was directed by a friend to their great 'choose your adventure' story The Office - Swimming In The Pool.  If you haven't read that, then I HIGHLY suggest you stop reading this and do it right now.  

Seriously.  Go do it.  I'll wait.  

I know, right!  It's scary good.  I've always had a bit of the defiant forced secretary fetish in me and that story just sung to me.  And after the 4th or 5th time reading it, I wanted to do more... I wanted to play in that world.  So I set up a character and started role playing at Locked in Lace.  And it was.... well it was terrible.  The person that picked up my arrival (putting it into D+X terms) wasn't a good role player, especially with someone brand new to the site.  I made it clear that I wanted to role play a very similar experience to that interactive story but she wanted to take it in a completely different way.  And she did.  Then she left me hanging and waiting for her for several days.  I don't mind the wait, but she could have told me in advance.  And when I complained to her about it, she just dropped out entirely.  

I was new enough that I had no idea where to turn and frankly after that experience I really didn't have any desire to continue.  I ended up just not logging back in and returning to capping.  When I was talking about the experience to another friend they told me about a site similar to LiL.  The D+X Institute.  I trusted this friend so I went over and started sneaking and lurking around, trying to read whatever I could.  As soon as I saw the Office Services department, most of my attention was stuck there.  I swear, I didn't even know there was a glass on fellatio (Lip Service For Him).  Even if I did know about that wonderfully fun class, I still would have ended up a green girl as that allure was so strong in me.  

Now one of the things that kept me in OS for so long didn't have anything to do with the secretarial fantasy.  It was the group of girls and staff there.  They were just simply all in sync and all about having fun.  While everyone still had their own story to tell, we all just melded together.  We drank together... and boy did we drink a lot.  Had a bad day?  Get a drink.  Had a good day?  Get a drink.  Celebrating a holiday?  Don't forget the booze.  Everybody just fell into that side of being a Green Girl.  And many of us were also into the sexual side of the game.  Oh there was a lot of variation on that side, from devout lesbians to cock hungry girls like me.  Hell, I thought it was heaven when I got to be the secretary for one of the only male staff executives.  

Now I'm not telling you this story to convince anybody to join OS specifically.  What I would like to do is convince all of you to join up and find that group of girls that you mesh with.  It might be the slave girls down in the catacombs.  It might be the sissy's in their maid outfits.  It might be the Golden Girls of the Personal Services department.  

You see, there are many people playing at D+X and like any large group of people there's bound to be a group that you'll mesh with.  Writers, gamers, old, young, experienced, naive, dominant, submissive.  Some groups will talk about Game of Thrones while other groups go ga-ga for The Walking Dead.  Trust me, there is a group at D+X that you will fit perfectly into.  And if you're lucky like me it will be the group that also shares your particular kinks and fantasies.  

Now if I DID want to direct you into the green arms of the Office Services department, the thing I'd talk about is actually work.  Yup, you get a job as a girl.  You might be a maid in the resort, you might be a check out girl in the Galleria, you might be a waitress in one of the many restaurants and bars.  But when you're an OS girl, you will almost assuredly be a secretary to a staff member. I always thought that it was a one sided adventure... the girl gets the joy of playing out the role she fantasizes about while the 'Boss' has to pay her extra attention.  But as an executive now with my own office I have to tell you that I really want a secretary.  It would take one of the simple tasks off of my plate just like a secretary does in real life.  I wouldn't have to monitor my office to see if someone has come to see me... instead I'd just have to wait for the PM from my secretary, telling me that someone has come over to visit.  

There's other fun things I could tell you about being an Office Services girl, but honestly if you're still interested the best bet is to head on over to The D+X Institute.  You can lurk like me and read up on a lot of the comings and goings, or you can jump right in and set up an account so you can see everything.  Peek and read around, ask questions in the shout and/or chat, and if it feels right then start up a character and....

Come Play with Me!

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