Monday, October 14, 2019

Don't smear the contract

Don't is such an important word!

Mrs. Reynolds, it’s such a pleasure to see you again.  Now I see that upset look on your eyes, but I promise you that we’ve performed all the actions on your husband that you’ve asked.  Well… yes, okay I guess technically she’s your wife now, but that was an honest mistake and we’ve corrected those errors.  No longer can our scanner misread the ‘willing’ and ‘unwilling’ check boxes on our transformation form, and regardless of that selection everybody filling out our forms has a safeword so that they can stop the process.  As for changing your husband, willingly or not, into a woman that was an honest error of mixing up customer numbers.  Customer numbers will now be worn on a bracelet and confirmed with a scanning device from now on.  Our legal team assured us that those were all required changes due to your lawsuit. 

As I’m sure your lawyer explained to you, the physical changes performed on your hus… wife… are permanent.  We can always tweak his appearance and general physical features, but we just don’t possess the technology to change a female body to male.  Yet.  Yes, the lawsuit also dictated that 90% of our research goes into that particular transformative processes.  Regardless of that the future may or may not hold, I believe that you and your husband…. Wife… will be exceedingly happy with the results we’ve come up with.  Even without a judge ordering us to do so, we recognize how disconcerting it can be to have a loved one’s gender changed from a middle-aged man to an exquisite young feminine form.  Without our team, who worked on this new process for months by the way, it would have taken years and years of psychotherapy for your husba… wife… to accept her new life. 

This time, to prevent any further errors, we all read through your explicit instructions.   I have to say we were all surprised at how you wanted to proceed but your emotional outburst in the courtroom told us to accept that this is what you both wanted.  Trust me, the process is quite rigorous and demanding and making someone’s mind accept a new gender isn’t as easy as manipulating their DNA, musculature, and fatty deposits.  It’s even more difficult when you are going from an… forgive me for saying it this way but we both know it’s true… from an overly alpha controlling masculine mindset into that of a sultry submissive sex kitten. 

Mrs. Reynolds?  Mrs. Reynolds!?  You’re looking pale.  What do you mean?  Another mistake?.  No no no, we went over your form with a fine-tooth comb and I have it right here.  Let me quote from your letter.

“I want my husband to be one of those girly girl, femmy, submissive pin-up girls.  You know the type that you bastards made him look like.  The type that would get thrown out of playboy for being overly sexual and eventually getting a job in porn.  I just want my new wife to know her place in the world and accept it fully and with loving arms.  When I take her home, I want her to love me and not only accept her new world but embrace it fully.” 

Now this would have been easier if you’d just filled out one of our standardized hypnotic and mental training forms that contain all the personality traits and the physical and muscle memory training regimen’s needed, but we didn’t want to impose that on you.  Plus, afterward we gave your handwritten note to your wife and he was in such happy agreement that he cried as he signed off and agreed by handing it off to the engineer team himself.   They converted all of your very specific desires into our forms and set up a whole set of hypnosis, regimented mental conditioning exercises, and of course physical activities. 

What specifically?  Mrs. Reynolds, I really don’t think you want to…. Okay okay okay, I’ll tell you!  The hypnosis started immediately as it would take the longest to complete its task.  That’s designed for the truly underlying self-acceptance.  At its core, the hypnosis is what makes your wife believe that this is what he’s always been.  If you look through this one-way glass, you can see him going through his last session. 

As for the regimented mental conditioning, I think we can all agree that it’s not easy to take a manly man and change him into a girly girl even with a body like he has.  So, we gave him a new name, bunny, and would only refer to him as that.  Oh yes, he certainly did balk at that, but without the safeword used we knew that he was just struggling against the training and not truly wanting it to end. 

In addition to the name change we gave him only the most feminine of things to read, watch, or interact with.  It may sound sexist, but I assure you the science of this is irrefutable.  Romance novels, emotional dramatic movies and television soap opera melodramas, and female life simulating games.  No sports, no wood working or car work, no action movies or thriller books… nothing masculine at all.  During his initial learning stage, he wore a hyper-sexualized school girl uniform consisting of tartan micro skirts, knee high stockings, and high heeled patent leather platform mary jane shoes with a practically see through blouse.   If she balked, talked back, or resisted in any way we brought in our male specialists who took her over their knees and applied direct corporal punishment.  Corporal?  Oh, yes, we mean bare bottomed spankings.  And then the pièce de ré·sis·tance was the physical and muscle memory work.  Let me tell you, until the mental training and hypnosis started to gain hold, your wife would swear, curse, and threaten the entire team, earning him many trips across the gentleman’s knees.  But we knew it was important to keep up our work until he could perform these tasks not only with skill but with near reckless abandon.  Again, your exact words were “submissive pin-up girl” and “…overly sexual and eventually getting a job in porn.” 

So, your wife had sex in the most emasculating and feminizing ways our engineers could imagine.  How did they… well, they did research of course.  Trust me, there’s a whole genre of porn on the internet dealing with forced feminization.  Initially we had to use ring and spider gags to keep your wife’s mouth open for all the fellatio lessons and practice.  We had to bind her to a table for all of the vaginal and anal sex sessions.  We used a combination of aural stimulation in the form of your own recorded voice professing your love for the new girl he was becoming, and virtual reality masks so that she would see the realistic representations of the men in her life.  Those?  Well you supplied them of course.  Photos of your husband’s friends, his boss, his co-workers… anybody whom she would eventually have to interact with and be the perfect little sex bunny for. 

No no, I see that angry look building up again.  We most certainly did not make your wife completely heterosexual.  After she started to calm down and not struggle against the feminization of his mind, we started to encourage his feminine likes and skills.  Well, we had to wait because otherwise the lure of his former life would have made it harder for her to kill off her association to masculinity with these feelings and desires.  He is completely skilled in the sapphic arts.  Through a lot of training he now specializes in cunnilingus and tribadism, but only as a submissive partner.  Again, with recordings of your voice and virtual representations of you, she was always performing these tasks on you as you were dominating her.  You could say we’ve already made you her mistress, whether you want to continue that relationship or not. 

You see, we followed your instructions to a T.   Your wife is now a girly girl, femmy, submissive pin-up girl who knows his place in the world and accepts it fully.  He is overly sexual and ready for a job in the pornographic industry.  I know this must be emotional to get everything you asked for after our regrettable mistake of changing your husband into a woman, but this is everything you asked for and everything he agreed to!  The original letter?  Well yes, I have it in your file right here.  Here you go.  As you can see…. Well of course it’s smeared.  I told you, your wife cried as she read it with joy in her heart and…. That smudge?  It’s what?  Don’t?  You didn’t write “I want my husband to be one of those girly girl…” and in fact wrote “I don’t want my husband to be one of those girly girls….” Oh dear. 

Look, I understand how upsetting this can be, but we still have your husbands…. Fine fine… your wife’s permission.  Because of the safeword.  He cried out a lot of variations on it, but that’s to be expected with such difficult training.  Yes, of course he called out ‘Nature’ over and over again, but never EVER did she utter the words ‘Nature Honey’.  What?  You mean when you said to your wife “Your safe word will be Nature Honey.” there was an implied coma there?  You were saying, to put it another way, “Honey, your safe word will be Nature.”

I see. 


So, should I just call in the legal team in right now, or would you like to see the highlight reel our engineering team made of your wife’s…. yes yes ma’am, I’ll get legal on the phone right away. 

source:  fuskator


  1. So pretty much she didn't want her Husband Transformed or she did It honestly sounds like they randomly just transformed her husband for no reason I mean it's just strange.

    1. I guess I didn’t convey the information correctly. Obviously, this style of writing… a two sided conversation with only one side represented while talking about past procedures… is designed to obscure certain facts, but I wanted everybody at the end to have the ‘aha’ moment and get it at the ending.

      This is how I imagined the story unfolding. This husband and wife went to a clinic or company to do something to the husband. The clinic made a mistake in reading the form and change the middle-aged alpha style man physically into a young woman. The couple was angry and sued as the clinic said they couldn’t change him back. They won their lawsuit and part of the restitution was giving the husband a mental make over so he could accept his new feminine life better. The wife refused to go about the clinics methods of describing what she wanted (not using their hypnotic and mental training forms containing the personality traits desired) and instead wrote an emotional letter stating she wanted her new wife to ‘know her place in the world and accept it’ meaning she wanted her new wife to accept being female and stop struggling against it. The letter also included a tirade on what she didn’t want.

      The clinic took this letter and showed it to the former man and he cried over it, loving that his wife didn’t want him to be a sexed up girly girl. He cried over the form as he signed with his tears smearing the “don’t” at the beginning of the letter. So, when the letter, seemingly agreed upon by both the wife and former husband, got to the team they only saw that she was to be turned into that girly girl, femmy, submissive pin-up girl. To help make sure there was continued agreement they also set up a safe word so that the former man could stop anything if he disagreed with it. The safe word was supposed to be “Nature” but the company listened to the couple and instead heard “Nature Honey”. So when the former man realized what he was going through he kept saying “Nature” to get it to stop but the company didn’t consider that the real safe word, so they continued.

      So; No, she didn’t want her husband transformed at all. No, the clinic didn’t just randomly transform the husband. This was just a case of mistaken transformation followed up by another mistaken transformation.

      Sorry I didn’t get that out clearer.

    2. For what it's worth, I thought that the plot was easy to understand.

  2. I really enjoy this story, and hope that they find happiness in their new life as well as justice.