Monday, February 28, 2011

Wedding Belles

Bridal duties are a little different for a bunch of guys!

Well it seems that the wait for a new cap won't be long after all.  I was afraid that having nothing more to post here would give me an empty feeling.  I really looked forward to posting here, and felt bad when I couldn't because of RL obligations (I mean come on... don't my teachers realize I have dirty caps to post!). But it looks like that empty feeling may very well help me.

This morning I woke up and did my normal round of blogs and websites while sipping my morning coffee.  Once I finished I came back here to post... but oh thats right.  No caps left to post (sadface).  But the urge to post something... even just to write something TG/TF related was strong (the force is strong with this one!).

I thought I might to back to a project I've been working on.  I am making a cap for Angel, but I'm doing something a little different.  Instead of making the cap and posting it at the Haven and here with some recollections about what I was thinking while I created it, I am keeping a 'creation diary'.  I put down my thoughts before I write or design.  I think the idea will work great on shorter caps... but Angel's cap is right now at 3 long panels, and has at least one more (probably two more).  The story is long and complex and I just don't think I'll get it done today.

So instead of working on that I figured I could whip out a quick cap.  I saw that New-Daughter (who has her own blog now!) was next on my cap debt list, so I sashayed over to her folder to read up on her preferences.  Now I knew I wanted to do a quick one.  Not that I wanted to short change New-Daughter... some of my favorite caps are quick ones.  But I am already waist deep into a long cap, and don't know if I could juggle two long caps at once.  So I tried to set everything up that will get me to move quickly and write a short story instead of getting long and involved.

The first thing I decided is that this would be a 'conversational' cap.  I find when I am writing dialog that I keep it short and sweet.  Its hard to add in details and emotions when someone is talking to someone that has experienced (or is still experiencing) a transformation.

Second thing is to look for picture inspiratin.  I don't really like using someones images (and New Daughter even mentions that she prefers us to find our own images), but she does have some images listed.  I thought that I could look through and get a quick idea of what would turn her on.  While browsing through and getting some vague ideas (she does seem to love the shemale cock!) I came upon this image.   The basic twist of the idea came to me in crushing wave.  And best of all it would work with the conversational style I wanted to use.

The basic idea that hit me was a guy and his buddies transformed to perform in a wedding for losing a bet.  The 'bride' was chosen because she lead the others into the bet, and she had to get everyone ready for her wedding, including making sure their cocks didn't tent out the dresses.

Now my initial idea was for cross dressing only, but a couple things worked against that.  For one, the bride's maid has breasts.  The other is that New Daughter prefers complete transformations.  So I added some 'magic' that goes unexplained and made the bride a complete woman, and the bride's maids into shemales.

The only edits in the story were adding details.  In fact my first writing would have been one of the shorts caps I ever made.  It went something like this:

"I know I'm responsible for us being here, but why do I have to get your cocks to fit into your panties?  She took my cock away, why can't she just do the same for MMmmffph"

As you can see I added quite a few details.  But each one got me thinking of another (making Terry a flower girl, having Carrie introduce her (ya know.. I never even mention New Daughters old or new name!) to sex via her strap on, having Chris correct her on the shemales, having Rob rub himself hard again, having her have to do this over and over again).

Design wise I didn't break any new ground.  In fact this is one of my 'standard' designs for a single cap.  The only 'new' thing I added was the title line, and that is more of just merging my 'old' style  with my 'new' style.  Oh... and I did subdue the colors in the original photo. I wanted to make it black and white and just color her lips to focus the attention on the blow job, but the picture is fairly grainy, and only gets more so when the color is taken away.   So I just pulled the color back a bit.

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