Friday, November 11, 2011

Proper Tea Service

Even the English like a little cream with their tea!

I got inspired again.  Yes... this i just about an hour after my last post, and no this isn't the cap I talked about.  When I made "Virtual Heaven and Hell" I had stumbled upon a great thumbnail gallery from 'The Art of Blowjob".  Yes.. the name alone caught my attention!  I started flicking through the photos, and found this wonderful image. I had a quick idea of a guy betting he could do his girlfriends job of providing a 'proper' tea service.

Obviously this is a quicky.  I wanted to put out a quick story, and a quick design.  I just cropped the image down, made a radial gradient selection, desaturated most of the image, put in the quick story with a quick box behind it, and put in the title.


  1. Now I want some cream in my tea! Well, Now I want cream in my everything, but tea is new! Nice quickie caitlyn! ^_^

  2. I think you are getting the hang of the "quickie" style caption, but still keeping within your stylistic realm! Very well done!