Friday, November 18, 2011

What Day is your Birthday?

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

I am just awful at remembering birthdays.  It probably comes form the fact that I really don't like my own birthday.  I mean sure, I like to take a day to reflect on what I've done in the past year, and what I can look forward to in the next year.  But I have long since past the time that I care how old I am.

So while chatting with Jennifer the other day, she said she was spending the day with her family and wouldn't be on that much.  She let it slip that they were celebrating her birthday.  *facepalm*

I may not like my birthday, but I do like to celebrate other's birthdays.  Sadly I was just swamped that day, and not in a capping mood.  Sure I probably could have whipped something up, but it wouldn't have been very good.  And really, I don't want to give a 'meh' cap to a good friend on her birthday.  Thankfully this morning, I was in a capping mood.

So making a cap for Jennifer, is like making a cap for me.  She likes dirty just like I do.  And if it involves sucking cock... yea.. Jennifer is a dirty girl!  I figured I would throw some real life in, and add in the fact that I had forgot her birthday too.

The basic idea I had was that while away I got Jennifer the gift of being in a sexy woman's body.  She would be fine so long as I transformed her back before her birthday.  Now I just needed an image for the moment that 'I' find 'Jennifer'.  Originaly I was looking for a cumshot.  The way it worked in my head was that while 'I' was out, Jennifer changed and became a 'cum loving cock slut', and invited another friend over.

But when searching I came across the image used here.  As it wasn't a cum shot, I skipped past it, but came back after a bit loving the look of longing on her face.  It didn't take much to change the story to fit the image.

And I have to admit, as I look at the cap and read the story I get a little squirmy feeling.  I hope Jennifer does too!


  1. Lewd! Lewd!! LEWD! *giggle*

    Just plain lewd Caitlyn... I love how you matched that pic into a desire for Jennifer!

    Once again Happy Birthday for you Jennifer!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Thanks alectra, and thank you Caitlyn! I loved the use of a little bit of reality in the caption. Though I think I may have had a bit of a oral fixation before the spell, if i had a picture like that laying around. *giggle* Look's like you helped give me the best gift of all, the gift of accepting what I really am!

  3. I think this could definitely be a new template for how you make captions in the future. The smaller text box make you narrow your plot down to its essentials AND make the focus on the charmingly interesting pictures you find.