Monday, November 28, 2011


Its time to celebrate!
On November 28, 2010 I planted my flag in this wonderfully diverse TG caption blog landscape.  I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the wonderful ride this blog has become for me, and to look back at the year.

Over the past 365 days I've made 191 posts.  The majority of these were early, as I posted all of my old caps by February 27, 2011.   Those 191 posts have generated a whopping 534 comments!

I'd like to go over some stats, but I guess I should explain the data gathering process first.  As this blog is hosted on blogger, I utilize their build in stats.  While the data they provide is good, it is also rather limited.  For example, they give me page views, but not visitors.  I can look at the number of page views for 'Now' (the two previous hours), "Day' (the last 24 hours), 'Week', 'Month' and 'All Time'.  But I can't look back at how many page views I received in a particular week or day, although in the 'All Time' view I can see totals for the previous months.  For any of these time frames I can look at the page views for particular posts, but it only gives me the top 10 posts.

With these limitations I quickly decided that I wanted more detailed stats.  I think it was Sasha that pointed me to Google Analytics (heh... anal), and on December 14, 2010 I added it to my site.  Google Analytics gives a lot more information.  First and foremost, it gives me visitors.  Page views are nice, and I still track them, but I think visitors is a more meaningful data point.  One person can generate a lot of page views all by them self giving a false sense of activity.

After making a quick change in late January so that I could count views to pages a little better (making visitors click into the post before viewing the full size cap) I finally got some good results.  So for my own amusement here are the stats so far:

Blogger shows that I have had 914,871 page views, while Google shows 1,231,220 page views from 256,561 visits.  And that is from 139,300 different visitors.

Blogger shows my most popular posts are:

  1. Simon's Wishes (4,158)
  2. Escape from D+X Institute (3,942)
  3. The Cum Diet (3,779)
  4. Win Win (3,597)
  5. Not All Wishes Go Wrong (3503)
  6. Learning By Other Means (3,177)
  7. [Question] Bubble butt or breasts? (3,016)
  8. Humiliated Enough? (2,719)
  9. Make The Voices Stop (2,567)
  10. Anything to Help (2,483)

Google Analytics shows:
  1. Time Travel Experiments (7,677)
  2. Man Up! (7,677)
  3. Fuck Time Travel! (6,671)
  4. Literature for the Mind, Body, and Soul (6,664)
  5. Alyssa's Unexpected Return (6,570)
  6. Escape from D+X Institute (6,477)
  7. Not All Wishes Go Wrong (6,430)
  8. Bad Boy, Good Girl (6,221)
  9. Simon's Wishes (6,202)
  10. Wedding Belles (6,156)
As you can see Blogger and Google Analytics track page views very differently.

85% of my visitors get here through other sites.  The most popular sites are: 
13% of my visitors come here directly.  If I were to put that in the above list, it would fit right between World of TG and TG Comics.  

And that leaves 2% that find their way here via search engines.  That number would be a lot smaller, but I get found on a lot of variations of 'Bubble Butt' from my "[Question] Bubble butt or breasts?" post.  

Those numbers feel right to me, as I don't set up this blog to be found on search engines.  I'm fairly sure that if I just changed the name (and URL) to Caitlyn's TG Masks I would get a lot more visitors though search.  As is I only have received 11 visits that found me by searching for 'tg captions' (compared to 747 visits from 'bubble butt').  

But no matter how you got here, I appreciate everyone stopping by.  I wish I had some champagne to celebrate with.  But since I don't have that, I'll give an anniversary cap. 


  1. Way to go on such a successful year!

  2. I'm going to have to start punishing my visitors for not going to your site through mine! How dare they leave me off the top 10! Then again, most of those sites are much smuttier than Dee-lusions of Grandeur LOL

    In all seriousness, congrats on a full blogging year, with hopefully many more to come. So glad you popped onto the Haven and made the leap into captioning!

  3. Congrats Cait! ^-^

    I'm sure that with your talented vision and impressive wisdom on TG you'll do the next year with an even greater show up in TG caps... look forward for what you have in store on the next years to come!

    Once again congratulations for a successful blog!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Who knows maybe you'll bring your writing talent in a short story *giggle*

    P.S2: Hey not a shout out to your friends? how preposterous *giggle* . Nah just joking!