Monday, October 7, 2013


You have to remember what's important in life!

That creative itch came back while driving home last night.  Oddly enough it wasn't the desire to play around in Photoshop that got me going... it was the desire to write.  I thought back to some of the caps where I was particularly proud of the story and kept coming back to "All for you, my love".  I briefly thought about writing another story like that, but the thought of treading the same water holds very little interest for me.  So for about 30 minutes I racked my brain on something 'new' that I could do.

Nothing came of it.  I didn't get a single good idea that I could work off of. When I sat down at the computer this morning though, I still had that creative itch.  Instead of struggling to make something 'WOW' I instead just started looking at images and seeing if I could get something going.

My first inspiration came from this image:

This is from a sexy set over at Nubile Films (I can't link to the set as it's from a paid membership... but if you like it you should join up!).  The bones of the story seemed interesting... a guy is desperately begging a mistress (Simone was acting as a placeholder for the Mistress but I hadn't firmly decided to have her play that part or not) to change him into a woman  She was refusing him though as he wouldn't be any fun to 'break in' as one of her feminine slaves.   The story would go on somehow about him lamenting her decision to finally do it to him... he'd complain about the transformation, about his new body, and only at the end let the ball drop and complain about how the mistress decided to finally transform him.  The mistress only decided to make him into his dream woman so that she could use him as bait to get new stronger men.  Only the men strong enough to dominate this new girl would be worthy of being transformed into reluctant feminine slaves because they'd offer a challenge.

The picture was perfect for capping.  The woman in the pic is showing a combination of pleasure and reluctance that would go perfectly with the story.  And the framing of the photo left plenty of room for the story.  And if the story grew long enough, there were plenty of other pictures that could become the second panel.  Some that were already under consideration:

But as perfect as everything was lining up for the story... I just couldn't get it going.  I hadn't even started writing... I was still trying to get the voice right in my head.  I just couldn't get the tone right... I kept feeling that it was too whiny, or too happy, or too pissed off.... I couldn't get the right balance.  And if it doesn't sound right in my head I know it won't read well in the cap.

So... I left it where it was.  If I ever get the tone down, I have all the material (as well as the idea written up here) to start it again but I doubt I'll get to it.  Instead I went old school and pulled up google images.  I figured maybe I could find some random image that would inspire a more simple story.

When I came came across the image in the cap my first thought was "Damn It!! I wanted this body but not if I have to use an iPhone!!"  That reminded me of all the great zingers in Dee's caps so I figured I could make up a quick fun cap and give it to Dee (whom I actually still owed a cap to!).  There's nothing overly creative here... simple story, simple chuckle at the end, simple design... but it did sate my creative need.

Much like my last cap, this doesn't mean I'm 'back' to capping.  It just means that I still have that creative itch and making caps is a good way to scratch it.  Hope you all enjoy!


  1. FIRST of all, there is NO way I would have switched her to an iPhone!

    However, it's still very giggleworthy! So glad to see some creativity from you!

  2. I've never commented on any of these before (I know, you all wish people like me would) but I just wanted to say I'm really happy you're posting some captions, even if it's a rare treat :)

  3. Hahaha! Glad someone remembered my obvious hatred for all things Apple and iCrap related!

    Glad you scratched your proverbial creative itch on me! I am sure some people were hoping you'd do something steamier, but I think this is quite good and fun at the same time!

  4. Cute. Funny. Well-written. Perfect source pic. Despite the non-steaminess, perfectly targeted writing for Dee, whom you obviously know so well :)

    I'm sorry you're not much into capping these days, not just because I miss gems like this, but because I miss my friend, and the insight her captions gave me into her.

    I hope you are doing well :)


  5. I love it! Love! Love! Love ! It! As with the others, regardless of how often you cap sweet Caitlyn (you'll always be Caitlyn to me - although Calvin, I really do still respect you), I'm so happy that this desire to express this talent has not disappeared.

    Big sissy kisses!!