Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All for you, my Love

Love can't be corrupted... can it?

So this morning I woke up and felt ready to cap.  Not a quicky, not something that was 'half a cap'.. but really get my head down, pick some good sexy images, get inspired with an idea, turn that idea into a fully fleshed out squirmy story, and put it in a beautiful design style cap.  Now this didn't necessarily mean that I was going to make something good.  In any 'normal' day I can feel like this but any piece of this puzzle can fall apart.  I may not find any 'good' images.  I may not get inspired by the good images I do find.  I may not be able to turn that inspiration into prose.  I may not be able to place that prose into a good design.

But even if I fell flat on my face, this was the fist time I felt this eager to cap in many weeks and I was happy to have that feeling back.  My journey as always began at fuskator.  I didn't have a particular feel for what type of story I wanted... I just wanted a good image to work with.  It would be girl/girl, or boy/girl.  It could be clean or smutty.  It could be loving or squrimy.  I just wanted good photography to get me going.

I found several images that inspired some ideas, but they didn't feel quite right.  If I didn't find anything else I could always come back, but I kept searching.  Until I found these.  These images had everything I was looking for.  Good creative use of focus.  An image that could be loving or squirmy.  And even though the images were a from girl/girl set, these two shots could easily be a girl and her sissy.

The story that these image inspired was really quite simple.  Much like "Saturday Mornings" got it's inspiration from Leeanne's blog, this too was an idea about a sissy/cuckold.  I pictured this as two thought's. The sissy would be thinking "I can't believe she wants me to suck his cum out of her", while the girl would be  thinking "I can't believe he wants to suck his cum out of me".

But when I pulled the image into photoshop (I was only working with the first image at this time), I realized that there was plenty of open space to fill with story.  So before I wrote out the bit of story I had in mind, I sat back and let my mind wander.  What came to mind was the story of a man manipulating a very loving couple.  He makes the guy believe his wife/girlfriend wants him to be a sissy, while he makes the gal believe that her husband/boyfriend wants to be a sissy himself.   And through some simple non-communication and misinterpreted looks, they both go down that path to please each other.

At that point, two things entered the idea pile.  First, this would actually fit Candy's (Realfield's) preferences.... a man changing another man into his sissy lover.  Although in this case it would be through an intermediary (the girlfriend).  Second, I could tell this in a mirrored story.  Instead of combining both 'his' and 'her' thoughts in one story, I could write up 'his' side of the story.  How he learns from Jake that his girlfriend wants him to be a sissy, and how he takes her actions to confirm it.  And then the second part of the story would be told from her perspective, using the same actions but from the point of Jake telling her that 'Steve' wants to be a sissy boi.

I can't lie... I was absolutely giddy as all these idea's came together.  I didn't give it any more time to fade away, and wrote out 'his' side of the story.  I didn't concentrate on making it fit 'her' side as I wanted to get the main thrust of the story out of my mind and onto the screen.  Once I had the first draft of 'his' side down, I copied it to a new document and started re-writing each paragraph except from her perspective.  I made sure to cover each action and even match up each 'look' they gave each other.  Once I had her part down, I only had to edit a few parts to make them match up perfectly.

Now at this point, some doubt crept into me.  I haven't been this happy about a cap in awhile.  So instead of immediately throwing it into a design, I saved it and looked through some more images.  I wanted to clear the idea out of my had and read it with a clearer set of eyes.  If I had any ounce of real patience, I would have saved it for tomorrow so that it would be fully 'new' to me again.  BUT... I don't have that level of patience.  So instead, after a few minutes of looking at other images and getting various ideas to flow through me (none good enough to really cap though) I went back and read it.  I still really liked it, but decided on a major change.

You see, the first drafts I had all were more obvious about Jake's part.  I'm sad to say that I edited the story in it's original document, and then saved the progress.  So I don't have the original draft to share, but I had some of Jake's thoughts in the story letting everyone know that he intended on Steve becoming Candy so that he could have both Cynthia and Candy to himself as his own private harem.  

I VASTLY like this version better.  I like the fact that when you read the first part you can honestly believe that Steve is doing this because his girl wants it without any hint that Jake is setting him up, or that she in fact doesn't want to lose her man.  Only when you read the second part do you realize that she isn't in charge here, and Jake's part is all told between the lines.

Now with the story really done, I went into design.  I didn't want to over power the images (I had selected the second image at this point, realizing that I needed the second part to be in it's own panel), nor did I want the design to overpower the story.  So a simple text over a slightly opaque text box seemed most appropriate.

I started on the first image and originally had the text off completely to the side.  It was more balanced than the final result, but it wouldn't have matched the second panel as I needed to leave room for Cynthia's face.  Thankfully I had randomly selected a text box width that when placed right would be right at the edge of her face in the second panel, and right at his face in the first panel.

I threw in my watermark, and then went for the title.  My fist idea was actually "Love Corrupted".... but just before I had that saved, I realized that it would be letting the cat out of the bag.  With that title the reader would be looking for the corruption in the first panel and might even get the punch line before the second panel.  So I changed it to "All For Your Love".

I liked it... but in all honesty, the design of that didn't float my boat.  So one last little edit and the title ended up as "All for you, my Love".  I think that works for both panels, and the over reaching darker story all without letting the cat out of the bag too soon.

The one thing that I now see in these images that I'm not happy with is Candy's hair.  I really wanted the images to be from the same perspective, so I reversed the second image, keeping Candy on the right hand side of the cap.  But in doing that, I reversed her hair.  It's parted on her right side, but int he second panel, that part moves to her left side.  It's not a big deal... but it's something I noticed.  And since the caps have already been posted to Realfield's Haven trading folder, its a bit late for me to change it out.

Oh well... maybe I'll nail it next time.  And maybe... just maybe... that next time will be tomorrow!


  1. I actually read and enjoyed the first page not seeing there was a second one and thought it worked really well as a sweet cap with squirmy undertones. But when the second page reveals his girlfriend's struggle to accept him and the twist of Jake's machinations, this cap just went into instant classic mode. Welcome back, Caitlyn.

  2. Glad I could help inspire your comeback! It was an excellent read.

  3. OMG...fantastically written...I did not see that cumming. Great story. There are elements that I don't generally like in a fantasy/story and I still loved it because it was made so well. I got a sense of the characters as real living people. Loved it.

  4. Wow, I can see why everyone was raving about this caption set on the Haven. What a devious storyline, and the Steve and Cynthia parts line up really well against each other.

    And it does work so much better not having Jake spelled out for the reader .. its a nice subtle walk down the path to figuring out what REALLY is going on.

    To me, this is the NASTIEST O Henry story ever produced!

  5. I made the classic mistake of reading the remarks before the caption, so I was not as surprised as I would have been. had I approached the caption "cold"....

    Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly echo Smitty's sentiments...

    The first panel is a nice, squirmy stand-alone that very people could write and present as well as you did here... When you add the second panel, and a whole other level of plot, it raises the bar firmly to "Caitlyn" territory, where very few caption creators ever are lucky or talented enough to tread :)

    Truly awesome stuff, and and a unreserved "Welcome Back".... /HUGS


    1. Ah yes.... one should read the cap before reading the write up. While I don't always include spoilers in the write up, I do go over what I was thinking and that will naturally lead to letting out certain details.

      Glad you liked it but you'll need to keep the praise a little closer to earth.... no one wants to see me with a big head!

  6. Thanks everybody! I'm glad to see that this went over that well. It really did come to me easily so I was afraid that it just wasn't that good.

  7. This is an outstanding caption. The story stands out as one of your best works. You handle the subtlety so well in the first panel that the second comes across as a complete shock without feeling cheap as everything fits so perfectly. I could go on raving about how awesome this piece is for paragraphs, but I think I'll simple say instead, "Welcome back Caitlyn."

    1. Rauk,

      Thank you so much for those kind words. I look up to a lot of different people when it comes to caps, but you are, if not THE top, one of the top writers out there. So to hear you say such sweet things about any writing I do means quite a lot to me!

      Thank you!

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  9. Whoo! I love how creative you got with this one! Telling the same story from both sides and revealing the full story to the audience like that, Mmm.. Such a delicious situation. Makes me wonder how pleased Jake must be as he watches his little pet's dance to his tune.

    Very nice cap and what a way to come back swinging!

  10. i love this :) made me giddy once i got to the second part and realized just what had happened the 'friend' is quite devious