Saturday, May 30, 2015

Obscura - How Could I Deny Her?

She love me.

I never thought I’d get used to the feeling of a cock pushing past my soft lips… but here we go again.   I guess I could complain.  I could just tell her that it doesn't matter how often it happens, I’m just not attracted to men.  But that wouldn’t be right… she said she’s not attracted to women and she still accepted that I wanted to be feminine.  She helped me shed my masculinity one piece at a time.

She taught me how to apply makeup.  She taught me how to style my hair.  She helped me with my hormone regimen.  The calmed me when my emotions got the better of me, and she lent me her shoulder to cry on when I the doubts overpowered me.  But more importantly than all that… she still loves me. 

So when she said she missed having a man, how I could I deny her that?  When she wanted me to watch, how could I deny her that?  When she admitted that I filled all of her soft emotional needs and wanted what she called a man’s man… what I called an egotistical jerk… how could I deny her.  And when these men wanted me to participate, I could deny them easily… but I could never deny her that pleasure. 

So they get to hold my soft hair and feed me their cocks.  They get to watch me gag and suffer through this humiliation.  They get to fuck my wife while I sit and watch.  They get to leave with spent balls, an inflated ego and the knowledge that I’m licking their cum from her sensitive pussy.  She gets to watch her sissy husband submit not to their body or will, but to her love and desire.  She gets to have both powerful animalistic sex and a loving emotional marriage.  And what do I get out of all this?  I get her.  I get my loving accepting wife. 


  1. Hi Caitlyn i have enjoyed your recent posts.
    i know you are just dipping into this again and looking for a format that works for you, so i thought to show a little appreciation.

  2. Dear Caitlyn,

    Other than that I do enjoy their hard cocks sliding between my soft lips, do you have any idea how hot this is to me? Honestly, my clitty expanded tightly within my chastity cage as I read it. So hot!



  3. Powerful, thought provoking write up. Yikes