Saturday, May 23, 2015

Time to get the dust off the furniture

Now that I see I'm going to be here for awhile

So with last month's caps and last week's cap I learned something.  I can still come here and create without getting lost in my search for Caitlyn.  No, I don't think any of the three caps I made are ever going to be favorites... without making caps on a regular basis, I don't have the chops any more.  But I still derived pleasure from it.

Yes... after each cap I had a moment of 'Well that was fun...let's do it again!".  And that's how those feeling start.  But in each instance, I was also able to NOT do it again.  And between those three caps I've felt the urge to create, looked for images to cap.... and didn't do it.   I wasn't in the right mindset and was perfectly content to not force it upon myself.  Last year before I moved on that just wasn't the case.  I felt that I needed to cap... that I needed to keep trying.

So, with that in mind, I think I can happily say that I'll be making more caps.  If I thought I was slow before, I was sadly mistaken.  Three caps (one of them a pure tongue in cheek April Fool's joke of a cap), in two months?  Yeah, that would be an average of 15 caps a year.  And there's nothing holding me to even that meager number... it could just as easily be 5 caps a year.

After 'closing' the blog down my initial thought was to keep it 'closed'.  I took out the random header graphics, told myself I wouldn't change anything, and would only post enough to ensure the blog didn't get taken away.  Now?  Well... I've been needing to clean up the blog for awhile now.  There are plenty of dead links in the 'blogs I enjoy' gadget, and later today I'm going to pare that down.  I'll even be adding a few that I've started going to.

I'm considering playing with the layout of the blog, but that kind of depends on a question...

What should I do here?

I've always worked to keep this blog about caps.  Yes, I put in other 'questions' and other wordy posts about other subjects... but I balked at posting about other artists work, or other no cap fun posts.  And in my eyes that was fine.  I produced about 500 'relevant' posts in my three full productive years (2010 was just a couple months, and 2014 was a wash of bad hesitant posts and the closing of the site).

But now?  Well.... sure the blog will stay open if I only produce 6 posts a year.  But another thing I wanted to do was entertain.  I wanted people to come and enjoy their time.  No, I never wanted to pull the spotlight over here and jump around saying 'LOVE ME!'... but if you (the viewer) was going to stop by and look at my caps I wanted it to be enjoyable.  I wanted you to want to come back and see my next work.

I'll also admit that I really got a kick out of looking at the viewership numbers.  For example (according to blogger's numbers), I got over 166,000 page views in April of 2012.  That was the high water mark.  I averaged around 90,000 page views a month when I was active.  After I got my current job I dropped down to about 50,000 page views.  Oddly enough when I 'closed' the blog I remained around 25,000 pageviews a month.  I was thinking that would drop down closer to 5,000 a month.

Obviously, even though I don't like to admit it, I do like seeing people stop by.

So again... What should I do here?

The easiest answer is make more caps.  But that's just not going to happen.  I get an idea here or there, or see a random image that give me a basic idea... and then nothing.  I just can't produce like I used to and am willing to accept that as fact (at least until it's NOT a fact).  There's a couple different things I thought of.  One (let's call it the Leeanne method), is to put those basic ideas up.  Grab a cool image and write a line or two about it.  I could imagine finding something similar to Leeanne's "Too Sissy, or Not Sissy Enough" series of posts.  Another was something similar to Simone's Tumbler blog.   There Simone posts images that she may nor may not cap.  No words, just sexy images of glamorous women.  I tend to stop by there almost daily just to get that 'ahhh' moment.  They are very sexy images!

I wish I could have enough to say to post regularly like Dee does.  But I just don't have enough to talk about.  I'm not very interested in the whole 'Ask Caitlyn a Question' thing anymore and really for the last few months that was a bust anyway.

Now before you reply with 'Oh whatever you want Caitlyn!' lemme just stop you.  I'm already there... I'm doing what I want.  What I want to ADD to that is something that people are interested in seeing.

I guess I should spell out my thoughts on requirements.

  • It has to be in the TG realm.  If I wanted to just post graphics or bits of non TG stories, I'd do that elsewhere.  This should compliment what is already here and what's already here is years of my TG caps.  
  • It has to be something that I can do quickly.  Think in terms of 20 minutes or less.  If it's that short I can most likely find time to update the blog two or three times a week.  More than that and it would be bunched up with making caps... months in between  updates.
  • It shouldn't rely on other people's work.  I'd love to be a curator of great caps, or reviewer of new blogs... but my interests are too finicky and intermittent for my to do that on a regular basis.  I see a lot of caps that I like, but not many that I have a lot to say about. 
And that's about it.  If I can find something that fits those criteria that I'll find enjoyment in, I'd love to start posting regularly again.  

What should I do here?

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  1. Welllll, I must say that I'm very honored that you would mention my blog as a format that you are considering. I do know what you are saying too. What I do is something that allows me to quickly convey an idea without taking too much time. Often, when my creative juices are flowing more freely, I'll create several posts within a half hour of time investment, and save them for posting later. This lets me keep things rolling out for the people who visit my blog daily and hope to find something to read. Then, there are the old standbys, like "Too Sissy? etc, or Which One Is The Sissy?" I could see you doing some of that but clearly supplementing with your special talent when you have the time and the mood strikes you. Either way, I'm beside myself with joy that you are returning, even if only in a limited capacity.