Friday, May 29, 2015

Obscura - Prison Reform

A change for the better?

When the 2025 study was released claiming that female prisoners were more docile, less likely to be violent, and had far lower recidivism, it was decided that all men sentenced to more than eighteen months would be transformed into the fairer sex. 

Ten years later this move has both been an amazing success and an utter failure.  Prison violence is at an all-time low, department of correction employment is up, and recidivism is almost nonexistent.   On the other hand crimes with sentencing guidelines of greater than two years are at an all-time high, department of correction sexual harassment is up, and sentence reducing plea deals are nonexistent.  

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  1. The law is the law. Play the role. Pay the toll. Uh, by the way Your Honor, I plead guilty.