Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Baby's Baby

Everybody needs a sweety for a girlfriend.  Everybody!

My girlfriend Clair was such a cutie.  I can’t help but call her Baby or Sweety.  I think it was her innocence that first pulled me in.  She was just so pure and pretty and innocent.  She loved puppies, reading quietly, and crochet.  But while that girly girl side of her pulled me in, it was the surprises that kept me.  While she did really love Disney movies, she also loved bloody gory horror movies.   While she did love cupcakes and cookies, she also loved ghost peppers and wings.  While she loved making sweet love, she also loved something… kinkier.

I thought her kinky side was submitting to me in bed.  The first time she asked me to take control, to take her by the hair and force my cock down her throat, I couldn’t believe my ears.  But she loved every minute of it.  So when she gave me the little pendant bracelet and said it would make our love making better I put it on without hesitation.  The wicked smile on her face seemed to just grow wider and wider as I felt my body change.  I barely had time to see the small cute innocent girl in the mirror before she roughly grabbed my long hair and pushed me to her knees.  The surprised gasp that escaped my lips was so damned feminine and sexy. 

As she propped her leg up and pulled me to her luscious pussy I heard her say above me “That’s it Sweety!  Lick me!  Use those plump lips and talented tongue until I squirt all over that pretty face of yours!  You’re MY Baby now!”

God I love my Baby!

source:  fuskator

P.S.  I saw this image and the story just fell into place.  BUT while searching around before writing the story I came upon this gallery and specifically this image:  

Seeing this image and this gallery I thought that they could also work for this story.  Instead of being transformed into "Baby's Baby" she could use a body swap.  I even thought I could use multiple pictures then.  Showing what 'he' did to his baby and then later showing what she (in his body) did to her.  In the end I wanted something a little more 'innocent' so the girly girl on girly girl won out... but let me know what you think.  Could this other image set have led to a better Obscura?

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