Friday, September 30, 2016

To Save A Marriage

Would you help your friends like this?

Being friends with two married people is always tough.  Chad, Clarissa, and I all went to college together and there was an open betting pool as to who would take Clarissa down the aisle.  Neither Chad nor I ever got more than a 2% lead.   When Clarissa sat us both down that night and explained that she could never choose between us, it just broke my heart.  She admitted that she was physically more attracted to me… that my open mind about sex and physical love was what attracted her most to me.  She broke down herself when she said that Chad, however, was more of her soulmate.  That they connected on a far deeper emotional level. 

I did the only thing that I seemed right.  I backed out.  I let my two best friends consummate their love, their relationship, and eventually their marriage.  To their credit both Chad and Clarissa still consider me their best friend.  Both individually and as a couple.  I’ve always stood by them and always offered to help in any way that I could.  I was there when they admitted they were having trouble getting pregnant.  I was there when financial and work related woes almost tore their marriage apart.  I was even there when Clarissa admitted she had been unfaithful. 

So when they both came to me with the same problem, regaining their physical intimacy in bed, I tried to give them the best advice I could.  I talked to both of them individually for hours.  I explained to Chad that he needed to be more adventurous in bed.  That he needed to at least try cunnilingus on Clarissa and let her try fellatio.  That he needed to take his time and focus on more than her mouth or her pussy.  That he needed to add more romance to their love making.   From all accounts he took my advice and became a better lover.  But Clarissa had more problems.  I tried to explain that she had an amazingly sexy body and that she needed to show it off to Chad.  That she needed to accept sex with the lights on because her body would turn Chad on.  That wearing some sexy lingerie would make both her and him more aroused. 

But Clarissa just had too many hang-ups and couldn’t accept that she was still amazingly sexy.  She even thought that her short ‘mom’ hair would be a turn off to Chad.  So when she came to me, tears in her eyes, begging to use a magic artifact to show her that she could be sexy, I just agreed.  There’s no such thing as magic after all and even if she’s convinced that this coin could pull my consciousness into her body it doesn’t mean that it could possibly ever happen.  So I did it.  I clasped the coin in one hand, her hand in the other, and looked deep into her eyes….

…and was suddenly looking out at my own body.  I think the scream that came from her, my, mouth woke up every child, dog, and cat in the neighborhood.  The only thing that stopped me from dropping the coin was the sense that Clarissa was there too.  That she was somehow… behind me?  Looking.  Feeling.  Watching.   I was in control of her body and had access to her memories and thoughts.  And those thoughts and musings were heartbreaking.  I suddenly knew that she wasn’t exaggerating.  She saw herself as unattractive.  Worse, she felt that Chad saw her the very same way.  That he was only saying she was beautiful to make her feel better. 

I knew what I was doing.  I knew that if I did this, it meant being in control.  I couldn’t let her take over or lead… I had to show her everything.  I would have to make her up, dress her in a sexy way.  I would have to smile, and flirt, and seduce her husband.  My friend.  I would have to let him practice the very lessons on me… the ones I taught him.  I’m not sure I could do this for Chad alone.  He’s a friend but I just have no desire to ever have sex with him.  I’m not sure I could do this for Clarissa alone.  She’s a friend and obviously needs someone to show her that she’s beautiful… but again I have no desire to have sex as a woman with my best buddy. 

But this isn’t for Chad OR Clarissa.  It’s for both of them.  It’s for a marriage and a family.  I’m going to do this.  I’m going to show Clarissa just how much she attracts and arouses her husband.  I’m going to show her how well her husband will ravage and love her sexy body.  My sexy body.   


  1. My idea for this image goes in a totally different direction! I love the one you took. I also love this blended possession fantasy. The voluntary ones with tempting stories can be fun. . . .

    1. Thanks Simone! I hope you still get to make your idea. I normally try to give images I see on your blog at least a week, but when the idea of this story hit, it really got a hold of me and just wouldn't wait.

  2. Wow! Wonderfully told and an amazing idea. So unique and a really heart warming story!

  3. Wow! Wonderfully told and an amazing idea. So unique and a really heart warming story!