Thursday, September 22, 2016

You Thought I Knew Too Much...

...And You Were Right!

Your power was absolute.  You owned and ran one of the most powerful companies in the country.  You’d bested all of your rivals by either destroying their organizations or buying them out from under them.  You controlled Senators and Governors.  When the laws didn’t work in your favor you had them changed.  You had more money than you could ever spend in a lifetime.  And yet through all of this you feared me.  Your personal assistant. 

I got an associate’s degree from Columbia-Greene Community College and you bought a Master’s degree from Columbia University.  I drove a slightly used Toyota Corolla where you had people drive you around in a Rolls Royce.  I sublet an apartment in the Bronx while you lived in the penthouse of your Manhattan skyscraper.    My clothes came from the discount rack at a discount store while yours were tailor made and worn once before being thrown out. 

You had everything while I barely made ends meet.  And yet you feared me.  You realized that I knew all of your secrets.  That I knew where all the bodies were buried.  And even though I had shown you nothing but loyalty, you thought you had to remove me.  At the same time you couldn’t just get rid of me… I was your live filing cabinet.  So instead of killing me you figured you’d just have me changed to your sexy submissive secretary.  I’d be your perfect toy…. keeping your calendar and phone directory and email correspondence by day and being your slutty kinky deviant woman by night. 

When I felt that magic course through me and change me physically into this stunning form I could barely understand what was happening.  And when you sat there with your movie villain smirk and told me that I was now someone with no paperwork, money, or identity, my world came crashing down.  I could only nod and cry as you told me that I would have to do everything you told me if I didn’t want to be thrown out into this cruel world on my own.  As humiliating and frightening as it was to strip nude, kneel down, and take you in my mouth it was better than tossed out on the street with nothing.  As nothing.

The real horror of being your live in whore came from my own mind.  In my previous live I’d collected and curated your porn collection.  I had set up your sexual encounters.  I’d paid off the women physically and psychologically damaged by your kinks and fetishes.  And now I’d have to be that woman for you, with no one to save me.  With no one to pay me off and make amends.  For weeks my life was a living hell.  I got to know your body more intimately than my own.  I had the same responsibilities during the day but now was shown off to your colleagues and clients…. And even loaned out to several of them. 

But at my lowest point when I was considering the ultimate escape… the end of my own life… I realized something.   You were right.  I DO know too much.  I know your secrets.  Even the ones you keep from yourself.  It’s really surprising what a community college psychology course and a little intuition can lead to.  Yeah… your fantasies revolved around power.  You influencing people around you, bending them to your will.  But people don’t’ fantasies about what they have.  They fantasize about what they don’t have. 

You didn’t really want power.  You didn’t really want to be worshiped.  You wanted the opposite.  And with my intimate knowledge of you I knew just how to give you that last true fantasy.   The night that I first refused you ended up being the last night you ever gave me a command.  It was the first night I ever commanded you.  And the look of fire and desire in your eyes as you knelt down to kiss my silk stocking covered foot was only matched by the fire and desire exploding in my loins. 

You thought you wanted me to be a slave in this body, but I knew you too well.  I knew that you wanted to be a slave to me in this body.  

source:  fuskator