Saturday, May 13, 2017

Assume The Position

Stretching before any activity is always a good idea!

Hold on now.  Look babe, I agreed to help you out here.  I know that to get the job at the gym you need to demonstrate that you can teach and lead someone in their exercises.  I know that you have to do this with a woman and none of your friends would agree to help you.  I let you make me over to fool people… I shaved my body clean, I let you style my hair, I let you glue these fingernail extensions on, and I agreed to play the part of a ditzy girl until you get the job.  I even agreed to go out and have some drinks with the gym owner even though I know Chuck back from school and know that he’s a sexist misogynistic asshole. 

But what the hell do you mean when you say ‘Chuck is going to love seeing me in this position?’  And… um… babe?  Why exactly do you have a strap on under your gym pants? 


  1. So many questions here let the strap-on take your mind of them for? well I,m a fit gal.It could be a while, (laughs).

  2. Delightful! I'm always a sucker for the stories where it's a lady doing the feminizing and especially the captions on images that are more sensual than explicit. Nicely done!