Monday, May 29, 2017

Measuring Up

The weekly measuring is now VERY important!

Look, there’s no need to cry about it Thomas.   You agreed to this method of losing weight and trimming your waist, and I’m going to hold you to it.  I gave you ample opportunity each week to get trim before I started dressing you up.  No No No… don’t start that ‘its impossible to get my waist down to that size’ argument again.   I got down to this thin and you can too.  So let’s see, we removed all your hair last time… which I have to say makes the skirts, hose, and long fingernails all look so much better on you… I guess we’ll start you on hormones now. 

Or better yet, why don’t we get some breast implants?  It’ll make you look that much better when we’re out on the beach in our bikinis!

source:  fuskator


  1. Getting Bikini ready well focus his wait lose regimen.

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