Thursday, May 25, 2017


Sometimes Kneeling can be empowering!

Pride.  Pride has brought me here.  You see while I’ve been openly submissive for years and years, I’ve never found a dominant that could truly master me.  You’d think it would be easy.  I’m short and slight for a man and no overt threat to any woman.  But if I’ve had one mistress, then I’ve had a dozen, and none of them could ever really break me out of my mold.  They’d use chastity, they’d use cuckolding, they’d have me perform oral on them, but even though I did everything they asked they all eventually found my insolence to be too disconcerting.  They always had the feeling that I was topping from the bottom.  When I wanted to be spanked, I’d just misbehave and make them punish me.  When I wanted to have sex, I did everything perfectly just to earn that reward… and of course return to my ways once I was sated. 

One night after my most recent mistress took her collar from me a dark and handsome man sat next to me and ordered up two beers.  Without ever looking me in the eye he quietly explained how he had heard of me… the unbreakable slave… and how if I truly wanted to find satisfying submission he could get me there.  Before I could even scoff at the idea of submitting to another man he pulled out a business card and snapped it down in front of me.  He said confidently that I had to make a choice, either call him at that number at precisely midnight or forever keep searching for someone to submit to. 

He walked away without another word and was out of sight before I could even look down at the card.  In black ink on a white card it simply said “Master” and had a phone number.  I picked the card up with no intention of ever calling the weirdo.  I didn’t want to submit to a man, and how could he think he could ever dominate me?  After a night of pissing off the so-called domes…. I must have licked that armature for forty minutes without ever giving her release… I got into a cab and told the driver to take me home.  When I reached into my pocket to pay the cabbie I pulled out the card.  By the clock on the dashboard I saw that it was 11:59.   On a whim, I dialed the number.  If nothing else, I’d show him that there’s no way a guy could dominate me. 

The phone rang and rang and rang.  I wasn’t going to let this get in the way.  He was playing a game and I’d beat him at it.  Instead of hanging up I paid my fare and walked inside, the phone still ringing and ringing in my ear.  10 minutes later, when I was seriously starting do think that he’d forgotten he even spoke to me, he answered.  He never even gave me the chance to speak.  He simply told me I did a good job and had a new choice to make, either go to a local fetish shop and purchase a collar to wear for him or admit that I was wrong and didn’t want to submit to him…. By kneeling to him at the club. 

Kneeling is a very big thing to me.  I’ve never ever willingly knelt to someone that didn’t resort to commanding me to do it.  So instead of getting ready for bed I went to the shop and stared looking at the collars.  When I brought the black leather collar with silver spikes on it… a stupid over macho guy like this would love seeing me in it…. The bored girl at the counter looked up and pushed the collar aside.  Telling me that ‘he’ had called ahead and already picked out my collar she put down….

A necklace made of pearls? 

That sick bastard was going to make me wear a ‘pearl necklace’ even though he had to know I have a hard limit of sex with men.  Of course if I didn’t accept it, he’d win.  I’d either have to go back to the club and kneel before him or have it be public knowledge that I don’t follow direct commands…. And that’s a death knell for a submissive looking for a dominant. 

I paid for the necklace and wore it home.  The next night at exactly midnight my phone rang.  Without me programing the number in, the caller ID came up as ‘Master’.  With a smirk I set the phone down and let it ring figuring I’d call him back once he gave up and tell him I couldn’t get to the phone in time.  But after 10 minutes, and my phone still ringing…. How he got my phone to skip going to voicemail is beyond me… I finally picked it up.   No preamble, no hello, no anger at being made to wait for 10 minutes…. He just simply gave me another choice.  Come outside and kneel to him right now or open the window and shout out at the top of my lungs three times ‘Master I love you and will always choose to obey you’.  And then he hung up. 

Moving to the window I saw him standing out on the sidewalk.   It was a quiet night and while I could go out and kneel before him without anybody else seeing it… except he’d know I had chosen to kneel.  But if I shouted out the window I’d wake my neighbors and call their attention.  Some knew me for the submissive that I was, but many only saw me as a mild mannered young programmer.  This would certainly let everybody know about my fetish. 

The next morning, I got the expected blank stares from my neighbors.   Even the ones that hadn’t heard me shouting had heard about it through that never ending urban grapevine. 

Master kept up his choices for me.  For every choice I made or any complaint I offered he would simply remind me that I was choosing what happened.  That if I simply knelt to him he’d happily set me up with a Mistress he knew that could dominate me in the way I wanted.  But I wouldn’t let him beat me… even if his choices soon took on an obvious theme. 

Kneel, or get a full body wax.  Kneel, or wear a locked chastity device.  Kneel, or sign up for an exercise regimen at an all-female gym.  Kneel, or get a pedicure with red nail polish.  Kneel, or get a matching pedicure.  Kneel or allow the stylist into my home to give me makeup lessons.  Kneel, or get a wig and learn how to style it.  Kneel, go to a lingerie shop and have the sales lady model whatever he wanted on me.  Kneel, or wear nothing but heels.  Kneel, or start wearing dresses while out and about.  Kneel, or go to an adult book store and buy a lifelike realistic 7 inch dildo.  Kneel, or spend an hour each night watching a video on fellatio and practicing on my ‘mini master’. 

By the time he told me to meet him back at the club I easily passed as a woman.  Unless someone noticed my adams apple, heard me speak, or noticed my breasts were very nice falsies, they thought I was just another of the many female submissives there.  Master lead me by the hand to his table and sat down.  When I saw there wasn’t another chair he I knew what was coming.  Kneel, or sit down.  Without any reasonable option I chose to sit… in his lap.  With his hand comfortably on my stockinged thigh he told me that he was very proud of me.  That I’d done everything he’d wanted and did so with only minimal protests. 

But as his hand slid further up allowing his thumb to glide on my skin above the lacy tops of my stockings, he continued.  He told me that if I wanted to continue, he would be very happy at being my master.  But that I would truly be submitting to him.  There would be no more choices…. I’d simply have to do what he said.   He did say there’d be an out… but to get out of our relationship, once agreed to, I’d have to kneel before him and beg him. 

He pulled out a contract and held it up for me to read.  He patiently held it and flipped the pages when I requested it.  I had to swallow hard as I recognized a standard Master/slave contract.  I’d only ever signed one before but my Mistress broke the contract… and was forever thrown out of our community for doing so.  So without it being stated in the paperwork, I knew what the consequences of breaking this contract would be.  And the contract was explicit and simply.  It had a section for hard limits, but that area was left blank.   My previous hard limit of no male sex wouldn’t be part of our agreement.  If I signed this he could order me to get between his legs here and now and directly show him how my training with ‘mini master’ was going.  The only caveat in the contract was how to end it… he of course could end our relationship at any time, but for me to end the relationship would require me kneeling in front of him and begging convincingly that I wanted out.

When I was finished reading, he sat the paperwork down and signed it.  He then moved the pen to my hand and pulled my hand to where I would sign.  My hand was shaking as he leaned in and whispered into my ear “No kneeling here… you either sign or walk away.   Just know that you’ve never submitted this fully before and that you desperately want to continue to do it.”

A part of me hated him for this, but I couldn’t deny that he was incredibly masterful.  That for the week or so in our relationship I hadn’t even considered kneeling.  That I had simply been following the commands of my master.  This contract simply took away the pretense of a ‘kneeling’ choice and allowed him to continue.   No woman had ever brought me this far… but did I want to continue with a Master.   Did I want to be a man’s slave? 

The next day Master moved me into his home.   He set everything of mine into a trust that I could take back any time I wanted.  It would only require a copy of the contract we’d both signed and the nullification of it at the bottom.  Not only was I his, he now owned everything of mine.  Everything started to move faster.  I soon got used to the feeling of his hands on me.  Hugging me, stroking my back or backside, and of course being put over his knee and spanked.  My lips also got used to touching him, although he never made me kiss him on the lips.  I kissed his chest good morning every day and kissed the palm of his calloused hand good night every evening.  I had to dress every day under his guidance and then help him get dressed.  The most difficult thing was his mastery of moving forward just fast enough to keep me off balance and yet never push past my boundaries.  Or what I thought my boundaries were. 

At first he pulled his own underwear up then I had to crouch and help him into his pants.   When I was able to do that comfortably, I then had to pull his underwear up too.  When I was able to do that comfortably I had to crouch before him before getting him dressed and simply look at his manhood.  When I was able to do so without turning my flaming red blushing cheeks away I had to lean forward and give him a kiss at the very base of his cock.  

And while he was getting me accustomed to seeing and touching his body, he kept modifying mine.  The first procedure was a collagen injections on my lips.  Forever after that day he would always refer to my ‘perfect cock sucking lips’.  Next up was permanent hair removal.   After that was surgery to reduce my adam’s apple and permanently change my voice.  Finally last autumn I had my breasts implanted. 

There were plenty of times that I considered kneeling and begging to be released.  But Master was… well he was Masterful.  Without me saying so, he knew I was in distress and would seem to calm his ever-continuing onslaught of dominance.  When thoughts of leaving left my mind he would then pick up and continue on making me over more and more into his perfect feminine slave. 

He knew that sex with him or other men was a big block for me, but he also knew that my own sexual satisfaction was a big motivator.  While he often had me sexually pleasing the many women he brought home, he never once commanded me to perform on him or his masculine friends.  But he’d always offer me the opportunity to please them with my own sexual satisfaction as a reward.  The first chip in my armor was Chad.  Sitting next to him while watching the baseball game, Master had me sit in his lap.  I’d sat in Master’s lap so often that I did so without any hesitation…. And noticed that Chad had a raging hard on. 

Master told me that if I made him cum by simply sitting in his lap, I could have my own orgasm later that night.  Somehow, I managed to keep the smile on my face as I wiggled my curvy plump tush over Chad’s crotch.  I actually felt him throb and pulse under me as the warm sticky wetness soaked through his shorts and into my skirt.  And of course my reward was getting my chastity cage removed and being able to rub myself to an orgasm with a pillow.  It was frustrating and quick… and the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever experienced. 

It soon became quite the honor to have me on his friends’ laps and they’d actually fight over the chance.  Next up was using my hand.  At first I simply had to rub his friends through their pants.  But soon after I’d felt a dozen or so orgasms against my palm I had to pull them out of their pants and give proper hand jobs.  Licking the cum off of my hands was humiliating in the extreme, but watching one of Master’s women lick my cum off of their hands was almost worth it.  Almost.  If it wasn’t for Master’s smile and genuine happiness I couldn’t keep doing it. 

I still kept working on ‘mini master’ but often enough I’d have to do that while lying face down on Master’s lap.  The first time I made him cum was actually a mistake.  I was laying down on master’s lap, practicing taking ‘mini master’ into my throat.  Master of course had his pants down so that I could be near his bare manhood.  I had to keep my hand lightly around the base of his cock otherwise it would bump up against my cheek.  I guess I was getting to much into my lesson and as my head bobbed up and down and repeatedly took mini master into my throat my hand started to bob up and down on Master’s cock.  His voice was strained when he told me to stop, but for a moment I continued on wanting to show him that I could deep throat as well as his girlfriend…. That’s when I realized what my hand was doing… that’s when Master came shooting spurt after spurt of is hot sticky cum all over my face.   

Everything came crashing down around me.  Yes, I had given hand jobs and licked the cum from my hands but I had never had a man give me a facial before and it as too much to take in.  I let go of Master and turned my face away from him, not wanting him to see my tears.  I’m sure it couldn’t have been easy for Master to move so quickly after his orgasm but he easily scooped me up into his arms and took me into the master bathroom.  Gently he lowered me into the tub and started cleaning me up.  Being handled so gently and so reverently made me realize just how far I had come, and how much I’d changed, which only brought more and more tears.  Through all of my crying though, Master was there working to keep me calm without stopping me from fully experiencing my emotional moment.

That was a big night for me.  I slept in Master’s bed.  He actually broke a date with his girlfriend just so he could stay by my side.    Without him telling me to do so, I fell asleep with my head on his chest, his heartbeat filling my ears up with the sound of him.   With the sound of his love for me.  

When Master went away on his business trip he told me that he was very proud of how far I’d come but that he was going to slow down… that he was going to back off on my training and let me catch my breath.  He gave me no tasks for the week he was away which left me with plenty of time to think.  And in that time I made a realization… while crossing the line of having sex with men was something I couldn’t imagine… I COULD imagine doing it if Master would only tell me to do it.  That no boundary of mine could stand up to pleasing him.  I don’t know when, I don’t know where, I don’t’ know what act precipitated it… but at some point this strong, handsome, kind, gentle, wonderful man had actually become my Master.  Not by some contract or some prideful attempt to show him up… but deep in my mind, heart, and soul.  I would do anything for him.  And I knew of only one way to show him how I felt. 

It took me a long time to locate everything, but I eventually found the first pair of heels he had me wear, the first set of lingerie he bought for me, and of course that first ‘collar’.  When he walked into the door I smiled at him and without a word kneeled down in the foyer. 

“Master, as per our contract, I want to end our relationship.  I want out of our contract.  I beg you sir, please let me out of this binding contract that forced me to submit to you and forced you to dominate me.”

His face broke and he rushed to kneel in front of me.  With his powerful hands on my shoulders he asked me why I wanted out.  Why I had to end a relationship that he thought was going so well.  He told me that he only wanted to make me happy and that I was making him incredibly happy all the time.  

My smile came naturally as I continued on, as if he hadn’t asked me a single thing.  “Master, please.  This is the terms of the contract and I don’t just want out of it… I need to be out of it.  You see Master I… I…”  I had to swallow hard to admit out loud what had been ringing through my mind for days now “…I love you and don’t want to be bound to you by a legal piece of paper.  I want to be your slave bound to you by my own mind and soul.  I need this…. Please Master let me be yours.”

We made love that night as our contract burned in the fireplace.  I’d be lying if I said it was easy or entirely pleasurable to be mounted and taken like that, but I’d also be lying if I didn’t say it was the most amazing experience of my life… to have the man I love and the Master I worship take me for the first time as his.

source:  fuskator


  1. A great obscura Caitlyn. A great trip for the minds of sub and Master.

  2. Terrifically written as always :)

  3. He thinks he is my master when I kneel and take him, but we girls know that WE are the true Mistresses!!!