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D+X Institute: Catacombs

Slave Girls!

I think the Catacombs at the D+X Institute is one of the most easy to understand departments.  After all going through a forced feminization easily leads to the idea of slavery.  And to one degree or another ALL of the girls (the ones that aren't there voluntarily) at the Institute are slaves.  They're changed against their will, made over into a 'new' version of themselves, and are not free to leave or even say 'no' to any request.  They're all taught compliance (following orders) and discipline (what happens when they try to not follow orders).

The Catacombs, as opposed to the other departments, specializes in the classic idea of slavery.  They specialize in bondage and submissiveness.  Where girls in most departments get to wear skirts and dresses and blouses and lingerie and jewelry, slave girls in the Catacombs get to wear a slave tunic.  They get jewelry, but it's in the form of a slave collar that designates their level of training.

Some of the classes that slave girls take are:

  • Bondage
  • Erotic Humiliation
  • Fellatrix
  • FemDom
  • Pain/Pleasure
  • Servitude
  • Slave Girl
  • Submission
Each of these classes have multiple levels so for example you can take Bondage 121 where you learn the use of safe words and learn how to be hogtied and then Bondage 221 where you'll learn to be tied to a stationary object like a chair or a St. Andrew's Cross.  There's also Bondage 205, 305, 321, and 421.  Not all classes have that much variety, but all of them have multiple levels.  

Now you may be thinking what I first though when I saw the description of Bondage 121... safe word?  Why would there be a safe word in a 'real' slave situation?  In the fictional world of D+X, the slave girls don't get safe words as they can't ever refuse a command and there is no such thing as being taken too far.  

Well, that's part of the diametric world of D+X.  Yes, you are playing a slave girl and yes, you have no choices when it comes to what happens to you as a character.  BUT you have all the choice and power when it comes to being a player.  You see, the Institute has what we call the 'Prime Directive'.  The Prime Directive in short reads "No player shall be forced to take part in an activity which violates their personal boundaries...".  So yes, while technically your character has no choice, you as a player have all the choices in the world.  If you don't want to play with blood, then you simply put that in your preferences and you won't ever be forced to play with blood.  If a player tries to 'force' you to play with that, they'll be disciplined.  

Another aspect of the diametric world of D+X is that some of the classes are there to teach real world things.  The 'Learning to be a Girl from Mom' class is a primer on being a girl.  It goes over body parts, feminine hygiene, periods, hormones, and even puberty.  This class is both in character (you've just been changed to a girl and need to know these things) but also out of character as we players need to know this stuff as well.  Most departments are taught in this way.... if you take the Lip Service for Him class you'll get actual pointers on how to best felate your man! 

But back to the Catacombs department.   Some girls from other departments look at the Catacombs as a punishment.  It will actually be put into the role play sometimes as a threat... "Continue to disobey me and you'll just end up a slave girl in the Cats!".  But honestly, I think the slave girls are some of the happiest at the Institute.  A couple of my best friends there have been slave girls and they really fall into their slave girl role.  And like most departments, the girls don't always stay girls.  Some graduate and then enter the staff ranks.  

One of the big events hosted by the Catacombs department is the Slave Auction.  If you've kept up with me talking about D+X, then you've heard me wax poetically about the auction.  It's an absolute blast!  If you haven't heard me go on about it, the slave auction is just as it sounds.  The slave girls as well as girls from other departments get put into cages while other girls, staff members, and patrons get to peruse them and put in bids.  The winning bid gets to have the girl all to themselves for a weekend.  That weekend is 'in game' time... but those events often last months in role playing time.

Oh, and by the way, the first advertisements just hit D+X regarding this years Slave Auction!  If you join up right now you probably won't be out of the Introduction process fast enough to join... but you could follow along with all the action live and watch the girls squirm in their cages!  You might even see me perusing the wares and buying a slave or two!

Now while I can describe the department fairly well and give you a good idea of how it works, there really isn't a better sales lady for the department than their Managing Executive Madam Jessica J.  I asked her for a quick sales pitch and here's what she wanted to say to all of you;

Catacombs Services: we put the Miss into sub-miss-ive, and we could turn you into that Miss.

Feeling under qualified... no need to worry... all you need is that slight leaning towards your submissive side... and we will do the rest.

We will whisk you away deep into the dark dingy bowels of the Catacombs, where you will be taught what it really means to submit, and become a sex slave in our subterranean BDSM world.

You will soon understand the true meaning of the words,  compliance, discipline, and obedience  as we quickly whip you and your mind in to shape, We will  teach you the ropes in Bondage, and equip you with all the skills and knowledge that you will require to serve your betters ( and everyone is your better, slave), and to submit to their every wish and desire, as you act out your role as an object of desire in the Hellfire club, our little bit of BDSM heaven.

Still not sure......get on your knees slave....Madam Jessica is waiting for you.

So, I hope I've painted a good enough picture of the Catacombs at The D+X Institute.  There is a lot that I've left out simply because like the Institute itself, the Catacombs is a varied and complex place with a lot of variation.  If I've piqued your curiosity then I highly suggest you head on over to D+X and sign up.  Take a closer look, ask questions, and even start a character and...

Come Play with Me!

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  1. I've had a blast as a little Kajira at D+X, both in finding very dominant and very physical Staff and Patrons to please, but in role playing with shocked girls who 'discover' my collar and submissive nature, and the joy of being seduced into something I didn't think I'd enjoy at first.

    It's a fun mindset to enter, being utterly submissive, as if your life depended on it, not having ownership of your name, even one's clothing at the whim of one's master. Will it be a scrap of silk about your hips, a humiliating outfit, or naked, save for the collar locked around your throat?

    Learning to be a creature that actively seeks to arouse one's master or mistress; every task, every gesture, every pose, a hungry slave girl always implies the offer of herself, seeking to arouse her owner. Feeling the touch of her owner's hand in her hair, a tug at her collar, the clink of chains, nibbling a morsel of food from his fingers; a slave girl finds herself in a constant state of arousal, soon enough.

    The contrast between some of the other 'services' is fun. I imagined a rivalry between the Finishing School girls, who are, ultimately trying to get husbands to commit, and slave girls, who can be totally owned and utterly uninhibited. I imagine many a would be suitor distracted by a slip of a girl wearing a wisp of silk and bells at her ankles, with a Schoolie gritting her teeth in her cute uniform.

    But slaves are not simply long term versions of their sisters in "Personal Services". You don't get the act or the evening, you get the girl. All of her, from her thoughts to her toes, and trained (eventually) to use her entire body and mind as one eager, sensual being.