Thursday, November 23, 2017

D+X Institute Departments

There's always room more people!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  I'm thankful for so many things in my life.  My friends, my family, my health (whatever state it may be in!), my job/career, my creativity, my femme/masculine mix.  I could go on and on, but here at the blog I thought I might kick start this holiday season by talking about something I've been thankful for for a long long time.

The D+X Institute!

In October of 2016 I put out an invitation to come play with me at D+X.  Now to be honest, when I posted those glimpses of D+X activity I expected to get a couple people to come over and give it a try.  Out of those people I hoped maybe one would stay and join our femmed up family.  But much to my gleeful surprise, we had many people come on over and several of those 'new' girls are still there playing, making friends, and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

So I figured if it worked once, it's worth doing again.  I'd like you to come play with me!

If you want to read up on what I said last time you can see the page here.  You can also click on the DX category and see all of the vignettes I offered last year including a Slave Auction, Lip Service for Him, a Transformation, Dictating, Girl Groups, Alternative Perspectives, and how it helped me personally grow and learn.

Now before I get into my invitation or what I'm going to offer up this year, lemme explain exactly what the D+X Institute is.  D+X is a forced femme role playing site.  It's a shared universe where men are brought to the Institute and transformed into various feminine forms and trained how to be a lady.  Once trained, these new girls are then sold to the anyone wanting to pay their exorbitant price.  Now that's the framework of the role playing world.  But D+X is more than just that.  It's a group of wonderful people that get together and have a lot of fun.  To live, and love, and grow with each other.  We socialize, we chat, we share things, we learn things.  I have many good friends there and even a boyfriend/fiancĂ© whom I love dearly.

I'm not going to say that D+X is the biggest site that caters to the role playing forced femme crowd.  And as I believe every similar site has something fun to offer, I won't say that it's the best one out there.  But I will say that after trying several of these other outlets, D+X is the one that I call home and the only one that I currently play at.  I started back in 2011 and played for several years then took a hiatus away (that hiatus was from all of my feminine side, not just D+X).  A couple years ago I came back and started playing again.  I didn't come back merely for the role playing though... I came back for the people.  For my friends.

Last time I posted an invitation to come and play I gave you my IC and a bit of my OOC history.  Just to keep things up to date, I figure I should tell you how I've progressed since then.  I did finally graduate from the Office Services department.  I was expecting to move up to a Staff position as I'd held one before and was ready to jump back into the 'Staff' game.  Office Services was actually quite full at the time with a lot of staff and not to many girls.  Thankfully I had several offers from other departments and decided that I'd move over to the Media Services department.  Alleria, the Managing Executive of the department and one of the Senior Vice Presidents of the Institute, made me an offer that I simply couldn't refuse... to move up past the supervisor position and right into the role of Administrating Executive.

So for awhile I was serving as an Administrative Executive in the Media Services department.  I also took several girls under my wing as their supervisor and I have to say that is entirely too much fun!  I love helping the girls out in whatever way they need.  Sometimes they need a firm hand to 'force' them to do things.  Other times they need a shoulder to cry on.  And sometimes they just need some advice and a person to help them role play through certain parts of the game.  When I was a girl (both my first and second time!) I had several people play this role for me and now I get to pay that forward by playing that role for some great new girls!

I could easily have spent years in that position.  Media Services isn't the biggest department by any means and compared to the other departments, it's rather new.  But another opportunity came up.  Alleria was stepping away from her Managing Executive role and was going to focus on being a Senior Vice President.  She advertised the position, I applied, and I got it!  I am now the Managing Executive of the Media Services department!  This actually just happened in July, so I'm still getting my head around what all the job entails and what all I'd like to do with 'MY' department.

Okay... enough about me.  Let's talk about you.  Yup, remember I'm trying to get you to come play at D+X.   In the last post I briefly described the departments.  The departments are the 'schools' within the Institute.  Think of them as the colleges in a university.  There's the law college, the medical college, the engineering college, but they are all part of the larger University.  Well at D+X there's the Finishing School, Hospitality Services, Office Services, Personal Services, Catacombs, Health Care, and of course Media Services.  They all specialize in certain types of feminization from trophy wives and prized daughters in the Finishing School to maids in Hospitality to secretaries in Office Services.  Whores and prostitutes learn their wares in Personal Services and slaves are trained in the Catacombs.  Nurses and doctors practice their skills in Health Care while stars of film, television, and the internet all get their start in Media Services.

That kind of gives you an idea of each department.  But let me tell you, this goes deeper than saying "I want to be a sexy secretary" and joining up with the Office Services team.  No, you become a girl in that department.  You wear their color (in the case of OS; green), you take their specialized curriculum of classes in addition to the core feminization classes, and you progress up their level structure.  Every department progresses their girls differently.  Some require 4 classes to get from 'new girl' to 'level 1' while others require 7 classes.  Some require you to earn badges while other departments keep those as optional.

In Office Services you'll get the following badges and titles:  Office Junior, File Clerk, Secretary, Administrative Assistant, and finally Office Manager upon graduation.  You can also get a Personal Assistant Job badge, but any girl from any department can get that as well.  In Media Services there are no automatic badges or titles, but you can earn badges like Naught Librarian, Librarian, Intrepid Reporter, Starlet, Geek Girl, Artist, Tech Support, Robo-Girl, and Media Darling.  

Most departments can either be sexual or non sexual... although to graduate from PS without being sexual would be very difficult if not outright impossible.  It's just hard to be a non sexual whore *wink*.  At the same time most departments can be either voluntary or forced.  If you want to role play a willing participant in all of this, then you are welcome to do so... and yes, you can even volunteer to be a slave in the Catacombs. 

I could go on and on about each department, but I'm going to save most of that discussion for the next several posts.  You see, this year I'm not only going to invite you in to D+X to play with me, I'm going to give you a leg up and tell you about all the wonderful departments.  And as I've been feeling fairly creative lately, I went ahead and decided to make a cap for each department.  I have to tell you, I had a LOT of fun making these caps.

My first though on the caps was to just give a story inside each department.  Each cap would stand on it's own.  But before I even got started, I decided I wanted something more cohesive than that.  Just like all the departments work together to make a wonderful Institute, I wanted all the caps to work together.  I thought about making an interweaving story that would start in one department and simply lead to another department for the next part... but that would take a lot of planning and a LOT of creative writing to make sure the OS cap wasn't 3 pages long while the Health Care cap was a single line of text next to a sexy photo of a nurse.  I went ahead and tossed that idea as it's chances of being successful were minimal.  It then hit me that I was helping make the magazine for the Institute.  It's called "DiXie's Vixens" and has original writing and 'photo shoots' of some of the girls and staff (yes, Caitlyn Cockslave had a photo-shoot herself!).  My part in helping is making advertisements for the magazine.  I've done ads for some of the establishments at the Institute and even an advertisement for the Institute itself (if you want to see these ads you'll have to join the site and await it's release like all the other eager girls!).

The ad for the Institute struck a chord in me.... why not just make advertisements for each of the departments?  I can easily imagine in this fictional world having the Institute advertise it's Office Services department to the icons of industry to entice them to make their perfect secretary.  So that was the starting point.  As I was looking for images I decided they should all be of the same quality and 'style'.  I paid for membership at (if you want to pay for some great porn, I HIGHLY recommend Xart!) and started perusing their photos.  I quickly found an image of a bride that would work perfectly for the Finishing School and then a bondage photo that would be great for the Catacombs.  As I was looking at the images closer I noticed they were the same model.... and inspiration struck again.  Why not have ALL the ads feature the same girl?  I mean, if I were advertising the Institute, I might use the same 'girl' for each ad and show off how each department could utilize the same starting material.

So, for this week I'm going to show you an advertisement from each department featuring Caprice from Xart.  Caprice is going to be made into an OS secretary, a Finishing School bride, a Catacombs slave, a Health Care nurse, a Hospitality maid, a Personal Services slut, and a Media Services sexy tech.  Each post will also include my description of the department, a little bit more about the Institute, and if I can get it in time, a bit of a sales pitch from each of the department's Managing Executive.

And just like last year, this is all just a creative fun way of asking a big question....

Do you want to Come Play with Me?

One last bit;  I've been having a very hard time being online at all for the past few months.  Between work stress and an ongoing family health scare I barely see my computer.  This isn't just for me here at the blog, or me at the Institute... I haven't played a game or even browsed the internet all that much.  So while I still will make the plea to 'Come Play With Me'... understand I'm on a hiatus at the Institute.  I'm still there, and I still log in several times a week, and most importantly I WILL return to full time status... but I'm just not there right now.

I mention this for two reasons.  First, please don't be disappointed if you come specifically to see me and I'm not around.  I can't emphasize strongly enough that there are wonderful people at the Institute to have fun with and I still highly recommend you come on over and play.  Second, I may have a hiccup or two in posting these departmental ads.  I have all the caps done and several of the posts ready to go.  I'm assuming that I can get the rest of them done and all of them posted on time... but that might not happen.  I WILL get them all posted in a timely manner though.  If I miss a post or a deadline, just look at it as more anticipation!