Monday, November 27, 2017

D+X Institute: Finishing School

Trophy Wives!

When I started at the Institute back in 2011, I always looked at the Finishing School department as the 'school girl' department.  Much like the Catacombs where they are the slave girl area even though just about everybody is a slave at the Institute, the Finishing School is the school girl area even though all the girls are students in one way or another.  Think of it as the arch-type 'School Girl' fantasy.  Short plaid skirts, Mary Janes, white stockings... yeah all of that.

But that was back in 2011.  The Finishing School has expanded quite a bit since then.  Don't get me wrong, they still cater to that cute giggling school girl deep in our fantasies, but they've included Trophy Wives and have badges for 'Socialite', 'Belle', 'Debutante', 'Fashionista', 'Songstress', 'Varsity Girl', 'Flirt', 'Homemaker', and 'Miss Frou (girly girl)'. Basically they have everything under the sun covered when it comes to schooling or becoming a member of a family like a wife or a daughter.

Now this does lead to a touchy subject.  Age.  While the site does include adult-baby play if the participants are both interested, there is a strict age requirement of 18 years old.  While it might be fun to try and role play your way through High School, there is no doubt left that all people at the Institute are 'Of Age'.  They are adults.  I'm sure you can imagine what a problem it would be in such a sexually charged area if we allowed children in or allowed people to role play children.  That is a big No-No.

But again, age play is something that can be accommodated.  I remember one player that played a distinctly child like way.  She was young, played with dolls, was afraid of men, called all the strong dominant women in her life 'Aunty', and more or less played a full level of innocence.  BUT it was clearly laid out in her introduction, her profile, and just about everywhere else she could put it that she was 20 years old and had been reduced in MENTAL maturity to that of a young girl.  It's just one of the ways that the people at the Institute will work with you to make your fantasy come true.

One of the reasons the Finishing School changed from when I started to now is the leadership of each department.  The leader or Managing Executive of each department isn't just a figure head.  They aren't just a person sitting in a chair and playing a pre-determined role.  No, the people playing their parts are actual players with their own personalities, likes, and dislikes.  I don't recall who was the ME of FS when I first started, but the Managing Executive now is Mistress Mimi.   Mistress Mimi is great, but as you might guess from her title... she's a Mistress.  She was part of the Catacombs department when I started.  She moved in the ranks, however, and eventually moved to the Finishing School as their leader.  When she took the role, the department was hers.

Of course all leadership has limits.  There is still the 'board' above the Managing Executives.  The board consists of the Senior Vice Presidents and the CEO... and yes all of these positions are real actual players.  But the ME does get the chance to shape and change their department within reason.  Mistress Mimi couldn't really say that the Finishing School was now going to specialize in the Alien girl fantasy as that doesn't fit in with that the Finishing School was before... but she was free to add and expand upon it's training, add classes, and change level and graduating requirements.

For example, I'm making some changes to Media Services now since I'm the ME there.  I want the department to reflect my type of playing.  So even though each department has it's halmark fantasy that it caters to, these are always changing and evolving and becoming bigger.  And you never know, if you come and play with us you might get the staff bug yourself.  You might move up the ranks to Administrating Executive and even on to Managing Executive.  I look at the current group of AEs and MEs at the Institute and I see a whole lot of girls that I 'grew up' with.

One of the big events that the Finishing School will put on is the Formal Ball.  This event takes a lot of planning as it's not just something where you show up and start playing.  If you are attending the ball you need to have a proper dress.  You need to be able to dance (i.e. take a class in dancing) and actually even have several classes under your garters to qualify.  It's a big deal and very elaborate. I never attended one myself as it's outside of my particular tastes, but I've peaked in and I swear it might have taken some of those girls over a year just to get ready!

So, if playing out the wife/school-girl/daughter role is your cup of tea, then you should really come on over to the D+X Institute and read up some more on it.  I can only capture so much of this wonderful department and I can only barely do it any justice.  Come on over, set up an account, and ask questions, look around, chat up some of the pink colored ladies, and maybe even start your own role playing adventure!

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