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D+X Institute: Health Care


I don't know about you, but a sexy nurse has always been a big fantasy of mine.  And honestly it works in both ways.  I fantasize about being a patient in a hospital recovering from something and in walks that sexy feminine creature who is all smiles and all about helping.  When she leans over me to list to to my heart her breasts rub up against my arm seductively and of course she smiles warmly when she notices my erection growing under that thin hospital gown.  She politely closes the door for privacy and gives me that relief I've been craving with her ruby red lips matching the ruby red cross on her starched white uniform.

And on the other side?  I've had this feminization fantasy for a long time and it's only become enhanced since I've become a nurse myself.  Being forced into an old school nursing uniform with that tight white silk hose and a white hat pinned to my long thick hair.  Having to go into room after room of men where I must provide comfort and healing.  They men's hands are grabby and my ass is soon red with those playful spanks and pinches.  And then with the more agressive ones... I've already had to close the door for a private examination and when I pull their gown aside to finish my examination they hold my hand to their engorged staffs or even more humiliating take advantage of my bent over position and pull my lips down over their throbbing cocks.  My tonsils are painted a white to match my nurses outfit before I even get to my third room... and I have a full day of this activity to look forward too.

Now that's me, and you all know I have a deliciously slutty mind.  Of COURSE my nursing fantasy involves sex.  But the beauty of the Health Care department at the Institute is that it covers all bases from sexual to non sexual.  I know there are plenty of 'gurls' that have a regular nursing fantasy.  Wearing their scrubs, providing healthcare, being healers.  Sensible makeup, sensible shoes, and that lovely smile that calms even the most worried patient.

I've actually been surprised by the Health Care department at the Institute as it hasn't always had a lot of girls in it.  The classes are fun and they have a great staff.  And the role playing opportunities are vast.  You see, one thing that the Institute is really good at is letting the players tell their story and play through it on their own terms.  The Institute only really has a few 'story' rules.  First, the Institute wins.  There's no escape, there's no beating the system, there's no taking over.   That's not to say that there aren't attempts at all of that.

Take for example these two stories I participated in.  In one a girl convinced a bunch of other girls to join together and kidnap one of the executives.  They trapped the exec in the laundry facility, tied her down, and started having their way with her.  My part was four or five pages in when I wandered in to find them. I was a staff member at the time and therefore playing for 'Team D+X', and talked a couple girls down with threats of punishments and promises of leniency in trade for immediate compliance.  The lead girl didn't back down though and still had a hostage, so I had to call in the security team.  That was the tipping point and the story progressed through all the girls' punishments (and much role-playing fun for all!).  The other example involved a girl forced into the institute that had a particular beef with me (the character, not the player!).  She drugged me with plans to kidnap me and escape.  While she knocked me out her plan failed and I had the pleasure of disciplining her myself (a long drawn out complicated VR and hypnotic session!).

Those are both long drawn out story examples, but you can even add to your own story from your own writing.  There are several players that have security escort them everywhere.  So where most girls' first post in a class will be them walking into the classroom, finding a seat, and waiting for the teacher, these girls will write how the guards drag them in and maybe even chain them to the desk and leave the key on the teachers desk.  Almost all teachers will read this and just pick up their part of the story... they grab the key and slip it into their bra or purse and 'force' the girl through the lessons.  At the end of the class instead of giving their student a hug and a pat on the rear as they walk out, the teacher will call up security and hand over the key where the student can then pick up how the guards unchain her from the desk and drag her back out to another class or back to her dorm.

I mention all of this in the Health Care section because just being in the medical center gives plenty of opportunities.  Having a girl come in for a standard health check up.  Having a patron come in with a minor injury.  Assisting in a major medical procedure like a girl getting a major breast enhancement, or even going through the full female to male surgical procedure (yes... we play that through and it's quite rare as it's a very special treat!).  The girls can even add to their own story.  All the staff in the Health Care department are women, but if you want to 'serve' under a male doctor you can write that part in.  For example...

I came into the clinic today and before I even checked in I had to go into Dr John 'Big Cock' Cockerson's office and practice my hands on techniques by giving him a hand job!  Just as I get the last of his damned cum off my scrubs and hands I see Miss Caitlyn walk in and give her a big smile.  "Hi Miss Caitlyn, how can I help you today?"

If I were stepping into the clinic and one of the nurses started her post like that, I'd even play off of it.  For example my response might be:

I see Nurse Stacy at the sink furiously cleaning her scrubs as I also see Dr. Cockerson walk out of his office with a mile wide smile and can easily put two and two together.  Wanting to help the furiously blushing nurse I smile and say "Well hello there Nurse Stacy!  Don't even worry about Dr. Cockerson and his hands on techniques... I'm sure you'll soon progress so much that he'll start helping you with your oral procedures and then there won't be any mess at all that you can't just swallow down!  But anyway, I stopped by to see if my student Dani is out of recovery yet.  Could you take me back to see her?"

So you see, the Institute both gives you a frame work to role play in and lets you expand that frame work out however you need to meet all of your fantasy and role playing goals so long as you don't break the 'universe' that's set up for you.  And Health Care in particular puts you into an important area where there are plenty of role playing opportunities.

I hope I've given you a good sense on how wonderful Health care is at the D+X Institute and how much fun it is to role play there!  I can only get so deep so if you'd like more information you can always leave a question in the comments here or better yet you can even stop by the Institute itself and set up an account there.  Then you'd be free to read up all the help sections there as well as interact with the other girls and staff in the shout box and chat!  And of course that would lead you to...

Come Play with Me!

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