Saturday, December 30, 2017

D+X Institute: Patrons


So... you like the idea of forced feminization.  You like guys turning into girls.  But you don't really want to go through the transformation yourself.  You're more the type to take advantage and USE the newly trembling and transformed girls.  Well guess what?  The D+X Institute is still the place for you!

In the world of D+X, our girls aren't just transformed for no reason at all.  No, D+X is a major rich and powerful corporation that specializes in transforming men into women for profit.  And where does profit come from?  From rich powerful people willing to pay to have their male friends, co-workers, frenemies, and even relatives into these lovely feminine creatures.  Now still inside of that fictional world, try and picture a service that will cost someone millions of dollars.  A place like that doesn't just expect you to cough up the cash and get something sight unseen or at least without testing the product.  When you go to Ferrari and have them make a custom sports car they wine you, they dine you, they work to impress you.  Well the Institute works in the very same way.   A large portion of the Institute is dedicated to the resort where people can come and take advantage of the fine dining, the world class shopping, and of course the top of the line newly transformed girls!

Now back out into our role playing world and you can easily see how much we need to have people playing these elite customers.  Many of our players love to be used and abused and the staff can only go so far, and that's where the Patrons come in.  The staff supervise and train the girls, the Patrons use the girls.  Playing a Patron is really REALLY fun!  You are treated as a King or Queen and the girls scramble to meet your every whim.

And when I say they scramble to meet your every whim, that's not an exaggeration.  While in the fictional world, most of the girls struggle against their transformation and shy away from being used by some ultra wealthy and powerful customer, in real life they glom to these players as it's a chance to really play that 'used' sensation.  And more than that, there just aren't a lot of people playing as patrons.  At any given time you might see four or five girls online and three or four staff/executives online.  At that same time there might be one or two patrons.  Maybe.  There's plenty of times when no Patrons are online.

I don't speak just as an informational point as I've played a Patron at the Institute.  I started the character to help one of my friends play out her fantasy.  She wanted a particularly cruel and dominant man to personally guide her through her transformation and we worked together to build up her perfect villain.  At first I was just going to use him as he was designed... he'd just play with her and interact in threads with her and/or her friends.  But whenever I'd log in as this Patron I'd get request to play.  I'd be showered with attention in the shout, in the chat, and in just about every public threads I was in.  It was a real power trip!

Now like any good role player, I catered my play style to the girls' particular desires.  I even had him be kind to a girl that just wanted to interact with a man in a safe way.  Almost all of the Patrons at the Institute work in that same way, so there's levels and rewards for good playing.  Just like a girl grows from 'new girl' to 'level one' and on to 'level two', Patrons too grow from Guest, to Sapphire/Select, to Ruby/Preferred, to Diamond/Elite.  Each level gains the Patron extras to play with.

So if The D+X Institute has sounded intriguing but you really had no desire to be transformed willingly or unwillingly.... then the Patron might be the best 'department' for you.  You'll almost literally be treated as a celebrity! So head on over to the D+X Institute, browse and read up on some things, make an account, talk to the girls there and then you can make a character and...

Come Play with Me!  Tell 'em Caitlyn sent you!

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