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I'll Teach You...

Learning can be fun!

This cap was a lot of fun.  I got it here at Fuskator and initially thought it would be one of the first images in the series.  But it's only on the last image that I noticed the book with the text.  At that point I knew it would be a cap, and I took the Dee path of "use the image".

I had a few false starts with this, and was afraid for a moment that I wasn't going to be able to pull it through.  Lemme show you what I had and what I was thinking.  The first pass I had the basics out... it was going to be a body swap, where the new inhabitant of the busty body was going to be taught by a magical book.  I'd introduce the book early as a magical device and it would just go through a series of "I'll Teach You" scenarios.  That way when I got to the end, I wouldn't have to spell out in the story what the next lesson would be.  At first, I thought of a friend searching for a couple... maybe they're in college and they go missing.  Their parents don't know where they are, their friends don't know where they are, and he finds a book that will help him find them.  Maybe a library where the librarian is actually a witch and gives him a magical book... oh and he could find out later that the magical librarian is the one that forced the couple to swap bodies!

So with that in mind, I started writing:


When Dan and his girlfriend Jane disappeared from college it caused quite the stir.  It just wasn’t like either of them to leave without saying goodbye or reporting where they’d be to their friends, fraternity, or sorority.  We even found out that their parents  

Obviously I didn't get far.  With all the pieces I had running around my head (How did he know the couple?  Why was he searching for them?  A library, with a witch librarian, who body swapped the couple... yeah it was too much.  That's when I went with the old standby.  Two friends going out and they meet... and I'd go from there.  I'd drop the library, witch, and other things and only let them in if they fit with the story.

So here's my next pass:


My friend Tom and I went to the spring fair together.  We’d both recently broken up with our girlfriends and vowed to just have a good time.  After riding some of the rides and playing some of the midway carnival games we met two sexy women.  Jan and Katie.  We chatted them up and soon enough found ourselves separating for some hot necking action.  Tom took Jan under the bleachers while I directed Katie behind one of the show barns.  After about 30 minutes of kissing and having Katie sit and squirm in my lap as I reached under her shirt and played with her tits, I had some serious blue balls.  When I tried to move further, she stopped and asked if I had a condom.  I told her I didn’t, but I could get one damned quick, and ran off to the bathroom.  $1 in quarters later I rushed back only to find Katie long gone.  The only thing she left behind was the big book she’d been carrying titled “I’ll teach you”.  Putting it under my arm I carried it around, hoping to be all chivalrous and give it back to her once I found her. 

After searching around for either Katie or Tom and Jan without look, I just figured he’d had more luck than me and they were at either our or her place and he was getting lucky.  When I arrived home I went straight to bed as they weren’t there.  I only started to worry when he didn’t show up the next day.  Or the next.  When his boss called a few days later and said he was fired for missing so much work, I got more than nervous.  A quick call to his parents turned up nothing.  By that time, the fair had moved on so I didn’t even have a way to search for this Jan and Katie and see if they knew anything.  That’s when I noticed the book where I’d tossed it on the couch.  It was open to the first page, but instead of the simple “I’ll Teach You” title, it showed “I’ll Teach You How To Find Him”.  I started to flip through it and read and found… that it was talking about me and Tom.

Each page had simple instructions along with a photo.  Every time I thought I couldn’t physically perform the tasks needed, like picking the lock to Tom’s room, looking at the picture long enough seemed to give me the ability.  Three weeks later and I was feeling like a real detective and had even tracked down Jan to some skeezy apartment complex.  When I opened the door, I saw her looking in the mirror dressed only in her heels, stockings, garter belt, and necklace, sucking on a dildo.  She turned to me and her eyes opened wide in shock.  Before I could do anything, she ran to me, hugged me, kissed me, and thrust her tongue in my mouth. 

Figuring I could take advantage of her before questioning her I tossed the book so it landed on the couch, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her right back.  Her body felt absolutely perfect… smooth skin on her back, thick hair cascading down, and her plump lips brushing against mine.  That’s what I thought until I felt some stubble on her cheek… and her muscular back now covered by a shirt… and her low groan that was met with a soft feminine moan from me.  When she grabbed my shoulders and pulled away, I saw that I was looking at… me.  My own voice spilled out of his mouth as I fell back onto the couch, my plump rear padding the fall.

“Look man, I’m sorry to do this to you.  Jan did the same to me.  Oh, it’s me… Tom.  She said Katie was a witch and had been doing this for years.  She didn’t even know who’s body that was originally as she was some guy from Jersey.  After she stole my body she said that the book would finish me off…. But she left before telling me what she meant by the book.  Look, I gotta go and

I got a lot further.  Right up to the end, in fact.  But I was really stumbling on that ending.  Why did the friend not help his newly trapped buddy?  Why didn't they run together?  I was already at more than a page (in MS Word) of text, so I knew it would be a little tight... especially since I couldn't cover up the right side of the image.

So I just stopped and started over.  Drop the friend so there's no conflict on who's helping who.  I'd let my heavy lifting writing stay and just edit each paragraph as I liked the overall arc of the story.  This time when I got to the end I was fairly happy.  When I saw it in the layout though, I thought it looked a little small.  Like maybe if I took about half the story out, it would be the right size (because I could use a bigger font).  I briefly considered remaking the story, simplifying it quite a bit, and even adding a new more obvious hook.  The center part would just be a repeated form of:

The book showed "I'll Teach You How to Hack" and then my fingers felt tingly and I was hacking into the bank.  The book showed "I'll Teach You How to Pick a Lock" and my arms felt tingly and I was picking door locks.....

I actually liked the idea of having the repeated parts.  The only reason I didn't is because I assumed poeple would stop part way through and look at the book in the photo.  They'll have already been primed of the book's importance and then take the time to tilt their head and focus on the text enough to read "I'll Teach You How To Fuck"  Bam, just like that, the ending of my story would be ruined.  Or at least lessened.  So I left it how it was... and then got to the image. 

Yeah, the text was too much.  I didn't see anything I wanted to cut, but if I made the text box wide enough to use the size of font I'd be happy with, I was going to have to slide the whole image over to the right.  Just like I've done a few times before (primarily in "He Thought Of Everything") I just needed to move the image over and copy some of the image to make it nearly good looking.  The text would be covering it up, so only the major lines needed to line up.  But because of the couch, the couch arm, the couch back, and the window frame, this wasn't going to be as easy.  Here's the series of images, each one adding a new layer:

There's plenty of problems with that last image, but with the text box over it, I doubt anybody is going to notice.

Anywho, I thought it was a fun cap making process.

Now, I normally don't do this because if my idea doesn't work out I've hinted at something that never shows up.  BUT I'm really excited to work on a new project.  I'll probably do it as a obscura/story, but instead of one or two or even three images, this one will have up to 10 images in it.  The story is so bold and long that I wrote up a synopsis of the first half to help me get started and that synopsis actually has almost double the text as is in this cap!  Almost Two Whole Pages of SYNOPSIS!

And the part that really got me going was while on a recent vacation, I had the idea while driving.  What if I told a story in two parts that mirror each other.  I did something like that in "All For You, My Love" where the one story would stand up on it's own, but the other side made the whole thing just a LOT more squirmy.  Well with this story, what if the protagonist was being forced into playing a girl and the person forcing him had him start dating a boy?  As the protagonist balks more and more, his/her captor makes him/her go further and further with the boy.

What's the other side of the story?  It's the guy's perspective.  The guy he/she's being forced to date and go further with.  He doesn't know she's a he, and thinks she's just shy.  But she's obviously interested, especially once her friend tells him that she's a lesbian but bi curious.... and nervous.  So he takes his time, taking any shaking or pulling away as her nerves and actually starts to fall in love with her.

I think the story is too long to do as a simple two parter, so I think I'd have it be from his/her perspective, and then from her date's perspective, and then back to his/her perspective... on and on.  Thee synopsis is all about setting it up... how they first see each other, how they bump into each other, how the 'captor' forces our heroin into going out with him... basically trying to work a squirmy story about how a guy is forced further and further into playing a girl for an unsuspecting guy, but make them see each other often enough that I could take a swing at showing what's going on in the guy's mind.

And to just give you an idea of how long this would be.... even with all that synopsis, the last line is "They have a date".... I got that far in explaining whats going on that they hadn't even gone out yet!  Oh, I'm really excited, so I hope it works.  I hope by putting this out here that it kind of 'forces my hand' and makes me take the plunge and start writing it.

Lemme know what you think... both of the cap here and the idea for the story!

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  1. Caitlyn, the cap is great. You really know how to weave a story. I like where you're going with this even though I'm not too interested in the guy's perspective.
    Thanks again,