Saturday, April 6, 2019

Comfortable - A Personal Post

No more Caitlyn.  No more Calvin.  Just me.
If you're looking for a cap or obscura and not interested in hearing about me, just turn around and read some of my previous works (I'd highly suggest Temp or Taking Care Of My Guys).  This is a story of me.  Of Calvin and Caitlyn and how I'm coming closer and closer to bridging the gap between the two.

If you read nothing else, know that I'm becoming less of two minds and more of one being that's both feminine and masculine.  It's complicated, so that's why it has it's own post.  And it's also why I posted it on my other blog.  I decided to add it here too just so that people who are intersted in my personal Calvin/Caitlyn journy can follow along in case they forgot about my other blog.

So, without further ado, please click here and step over to my other blog and read about how I'm becoming more comfortable in my own skin.

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