Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A recent cap.

I made this a couple weeks ago for Bren at the Haven.  A word about Bren;  she makes great caps at the haven.  She follows everyone's preferences to a tee, and every cap feels very special.  She is also an administrator there so whenever I make a cap for her the 'brown noser' in me comes out.  I try to bring my A game for Bren.

I have made 3 caps for Bren before this, and it really helped me zone in on what she likes.  She always comments, and those comments always help focus me on on what she likes.  So instead of looking at her preferences first, I just started searching for an image.  As Bren likes X rated caps, I started at some porn sites, but didn't find anything that really spoke to me.  So I went to Google Images and did my normal start when I have no direct inspiration; "Sexy Woman".  I rarely find what I am looking for with that generic search term, but I find an image that I kind of like, and then refine my search to find more like it.  I kept refining the search again and again.  I really have no idea how it got to this, but my last search term was for "Reverse tit fuck".  Bren had admitted in a previous post that she liked seeing herself using her new girly parts, so I figure that played a part in it.

Anywho... just like many google image searches, it came up with a few images that matched the search terms, but none of them were good (they didn't speak to me).  Then I came across the image you see here and it spoke loud and clear to me.  I have no idea how that image refers to 'Reverse tit fuck' but thank god it does.  As I normally do now, I started with the end.  This was Bren just after being changed.  She had a vibrator up her new girliest of girly parts, and was hunched over the sink in waves of pleasure and humiliation.  Next I put in place the basics of a story.  Brian had cheated on a friend with his ex girlfriend.  This 'friend' was getting revenge (Bren is big on karmic revenge).  He would change him using... oh I guess a suit that would change you to the perfect you.  An 'Idealized' version of yourself.  Once I had that much, I started writing.

That is a big part of my process.  Think of the ending, think of the very basic parts that have to come across to get there, and then start writing.  The image search took about an hour, but writing the story only took about 30 minutes.  Thats the difference in finding an image that speaks to you, and just finding a good image.  A good image could take hours to write for if it didn't inspire me.

I did have to crop the image some.  It extended far enough that you could see the woman's face in the mirror.  It was nice, but she had a fairly bland expression on, and it didn't match the orgasmic humiliation I had planned for Bren, so off it went.

Overall I am very happy with this cap.  I LOVE the photo (I just love B&W photography in general). I really enjoyed writing the story, and while it is fairly long, I don't think it has to much added in (although I know many people that could get the same feeling across using 20 words or so!).  And most importantly Bren really liked it!


  1. You are one of the most talented artist I know. You put the effort and time to make quality work and it shows.

  2. Have to agree with this bimbo! ;)