Monday, November 29, 2010

Mall Makeover

This is the second cap I ever made.

I made this cap about 30 minutes after I made "Oh no...".  It was in the rush of making my first few caps, and I can honestly say that I DO NOT like this one.  The story, the picture, the layout, the font, the colors.... none of it tickles my fancy.  The layout is just plain.  The colors (yellow on purple?) are bad.  And the font.. well I personally dislike fonts that are all caps.  I have no idea what inspired me to use it here.

Now if you are a fan of these types of caps, well I don't mean any offense.  Its just not my cup of tea.  But I won't hide the work that I'm not a fan of.  If I made it, it will eventually be up here (at least that is what I'm thinking now).

So the how I made it;

As you read in  "Oh no..." I introduced myself to the Haven using a cap.  After I posted that I looked around the site and found an area called 'Contests'.  As I didn't really have experience creating caps out of thin air, I figured this would give me some inspiration.  The November 2009 contest was:

"I really wanted to get a different type of vibe going this year for the November Contest. Of all the things that happen in November, the one that is the most stressful for the biggest amount of people is BLACK FRIDAY !!! Whether it is someone working that day, shopping that day, trying to find parking, or bemoaning the capitalist dogma inherent in the modern age ... there is much in the way of chaos and excitement on that day. (for those not in the know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where all the retailers hope tons of people will show up at 6am or earlier to get big bargains on Christmas gifts. It 'officially' kicks off the Christmas shopping season.)

Have fun transforming shoppers, workers or co-workers, bosses, sales clerks, family members, etc ... in malls, parking lots, online shopping at home, service desks and layaway departments, or even those annoying greeters ... enjoy and revel in the anarchy that is ... BLACK FRIDAY!!"

My first thought was those mall booths where you could get a quicky makeover, so on to Google images looking for 'mall makeover'.  I found the image and spent about 15 minutes writing the story.  It followed what I would later learn to be one of my favorite settings; 'Good guy gets transformed and it goes further than he wanted it to'.... but it barely scratches the surface of what could have been a good story.  Now a days this story would have been about 3 times a long (with a lot of it dedicated to the makeover itself).  

Surprisingly it got a vote for best cap in the contest.  I say surprisingly, because I didn't vote for it!  

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  1. As I was reading the contest description you posted here, I said, "Damn, that sounds like something *I* would write!" and sure enough, I went to the Haven, and I was the Admin that created the contest for that month!

    In defense of that caption, for most creators, that would be a GOOD caption!