Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Question] I challenge stop stressing

Sure... I'll stop stressing. And for my next trick I'll pull a rabbit out of this hat.
I challenge stop stressing about your backlog of captions and just have fun making them

If I had a way to stop stress effectively I would package it, market it and be a billionaire.  But the stress over my backlog isn't stopping me from capping all together.  That is from losing my desire to cap.  

And sadly, I HAVE lost the desire to cap.  Before anyone gets sad/angry/crazy... no I am not saying good bye to capping.  This happens occasionally.  It happened last year for several months.  I've gone over my normal process, so I won't rehash that here.  I can still find an image, and think of a basic story to go along with it.  For example, when making the image for this blog post, I came across this image:

And the basic idea came to me:  Cross dresser playing self bondage games.  Wants to try something instead of his trusty handcuffs.  Goes out to look for rope, and finds this pink rope (think SRU but not overt reference).  He goes home, ties himself up and BAM, hes a woman.  

I would of course add in more details... maybe the rope came with instructions, or someone offered him the rope... maybe someone walked in (his girlfriend/wife, his buddy, the pizza delivery guy...).  But the details shouldn't be necessary for me to get writing.  I have a good image, I have a basic story idea... but when I go to write it... nothing.  I would struggle with the back story of him being a cross dresser, and him playing bondage games.  Two things I am interested in and normally don't have a problem writing about... but right now nothing comes to mind.  I could force it.. but it comes out flat... that has happened with the last few caps I've made.   Even Petra's... I look at those as ghosts of what might have been.  I see so much potential in both stories (Petrafied/Petrified), but I worked for awhile on the stories... and I couldn't make the magic happen.  

And sadly its not just my creative side... its my TG/CD side.  I look at caps and get 'meh' out of almost all of them.  So my comments which are sparse to begin with, have dropped to almost nill.  I really can't say if the cap is honestly 'meh' or if its me just not being in the mood.  So I'm only hitting the haven every other day, mainly to see if someone capped me, so I can thank them for it, and send a private message saying its going to be a long while to cap them back.   

I do still role play, but its only at DX.  I dropped my instant messaging roleplay that I've been enjoying for 4 or 5 months.   On the forum I can get creative enough in 5 minute intervals to continue.  But its not full on creation like making a cap.  This character is several months old, and I don't have to do much to play her.  Just re-act to whats going on.   Its similar in the instant message role play, but my interest fades after a few minutes.  I could keep going, but it would be flat and uninteresting to me.  

So... for now I'm not capping.  I still try.  I tried every day up until today.  I didn't even try today.  I'll try every other day for now.  If I get nothing for another few weeks... well then I'll hang up the hat until the desire comes back.  

Oh btw.... if you want to use that image (she does look pretty hot tied up with that loose little rope!) then go ahead and grab it. Use whatever idea you want. 


  1. It's okay if you don't find the drive force to keep up at capping, but don't feel dissapointed, your works are amazing Caitlyn, and i'm sure others thinks the same, sure it can be a little stressing to keep at it (i have some works and request being accumulated for the first time and i feel a bit sorry for not being able to respond back, though i have an important test to enter uni life ^-^ and that's more important right now).
    (sitting on a rock on a crossroad until Caitlyn comes backs)
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. It's ok. It happens to everyone. No one can keep on churning caps at the same rate forever. I myself have slowed down considerably. You'll get inspired with it happens. I too surf the web for pics and get excited about a pic but when it comes time to write the interest goes away in a few minutes. Then I go 'meh' why even bother making it and move on to other things.

    I know that inspiration will return one day. I can also make shorter caps that might be just as fun. Hang in there. You've created much more than a lot of TG lurkers and be proud of it. Do not feel stressed about making more.

  3. Its understandable to doubt yourself.. much more so when is hard to come by acknowledgement. What you do is an art. Its complicated to properly tie an image to a story to get a response out of people... So dont rush it.. You make amazing Caps, so do it when you feel like it. I, personally write songs and play piano at a local bar, but I dont get anything out of it except a few bucks, some free drinks, and the VERY rare flirt... But I only play when I feel like playing.

    So have some relaxation, those who really care and are fans, will understand..

    Hope you feel better.