Sunday, May 22, 2011

Work That Pole!

If you love Double Entendres raise and lower your hand repeatedly!

I've made another cap... but by sacrificing some preferences.  This is a cap for Beatrix, a girl I know from DX and a newer member at the Haven. Her preferences are simple... redhead, mid transformation, formal wear or fancy dress.  Now she isn't as blunt as that, and in all honesty leaves a lot of room to work with.  But I really like focusing in on someones preferences and seeing how close to the mark I can hit.  No where in her preferences did she say anything that would indicate that her private fantasy is to be transformed into a blonde bimbo stripper that gives bj's in the back room.   

No where.

But I saw the pic, got the idea, and ran with it.  Once it was written, I saw that id didn't cross any barriers for Beatrix... so I kept her name in it and posted it for her.  I'm just happy to have made a cap that doesn't make me wanna puke.  It doesn't make me wanna get up and dance.... but its still a cap that I can put my name on.

And in all honesty it didn't take long to write out.  This is more or less the first draft.  The biggest time sink was getting the background image to work, and futzing with the main photo.  Both of the original files are here:

 The main photo was cropped down, turned, and then desaturated.  The background was inverted, desaturated, re-colored, and then heavily manipulated as to levels and curves and opacity to get it visible, and yet not overpowering the text.  


  1. you should tag this under HOT! Because that was a great Stripper Caption Caitlyn. I can play out the scenes in my head, from the reluctant blowjob to the first time she had to shake it for a bunch of guys. I'm sure it took her a few days to get over the embarrassment of it all.

  2. Great caption! Nicely edited together.

  3. Hmmmmm, that girl seems to be enjoying her ride on the carousel, but for some reason I don't see the horsey!

    Great job and I'm glad you were able to get a new caption completed to your satisfaction!!

  4. glad you showed the design elements you started with. I might toy with some of the design ideas and see what I come up with. thank you.