Sunday, November 13, 2011

Learning By Other Means

Never stop Learning!

As I mentioned in "Getting Noticed" I had just recently remembered that I owed some caps.  I surprised myself by feeling a little cappy today, even after making three caps yesterday.  So I went right over to JPL Debi's preferences on the Haven.  Once I read them, I remembered really liking both her caps, and the caps made for her.  One of her overlying preferences is to be transformed by her wife into a daughter.  Now that's normally not my cup of tea, but I still found myself drawn into the action.

So I glanced over her preferences, and then went searching for a sexy image of a younger girl.  Someone who could still be thought of a daughter, without getting the police involved due to her age.  I wanted someting XXX as Debi likes that too.   I found a few that might work (and still might go make caps for them), but this one kept sticking out to me.  Something about it was more erotic than all the other naked sex having girls I was viewing.  It was just.... Lewd.

And I Love Lewd!

So I pulled it into photoshop.  I looked at it for about 20 seconds when the idea came to me of Debi's new 'Step Father' walked in to see her giving the bottle a blow job.  It was easy as pie to walk it back and discuss Debi's condition a bit, and follow it up with a desire from her mother to get her pregnant.

Its not the most explicit cap I've made, but I still like it. And like most of Debi's caps (for and by) it catches my interest and holds on.

Hope you like it too!

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  1. I love this, it reminds me of some of the really racy caps i would read when I was just finding TG caps on the old lycos groups. They were so hot and got my heart to thumping and my..

    well, *clear's throat.* anyway, something about stuff like this just makes strike a chord with me. it's deceptivly clean in a way, but there's so much with in the story and the image that is just very very, as you said, lewd! *giggle*