Friday, November 18, 2011

Win Win

Maybe Win-Win-Win would be a better title?

So after making the cap for Jennifer's Birthday "What Day is your Birthday?" I was still in a capping mood.  As I mentioned previously, I do have a bit of cap debt, so I went to the Haven to see who was next up in line.  Turns out Victoria Hyde was next.

When I looked over Victoria's preferences though, I had to pause and give it some thought.   Much like Mistress Simone, Victoria prefers to be changed not only into a woman... but a strong dominant woman.  I'm sure as you can tell, I really like the opposite... being changed into a meek submissive 'girl'.  As such, my thoughts don't naturally go in this direction.

But that's the fun part in making a cap for someone else.  You have to work within their preferences, and sometimes that means stretching past your own boundaries.  With some, I can kind of stretch the story, and leave room for a more submissive undertone.  But with a this kind of preference, there is no room for that.

So I read a little further to see if there was something more in Victoria's preferences that I could build around.  My eyes were immediately drawn to several points:  magic (especially dark magic/witchcraft/demonic influence), Corrupted into evil and wickedness!, and transformed into demoness.

I thought of a normal every day TG artist that experiments with some cross dressing.  He puts on a piece of clothing (probably a corset, as Victoria also mentioned liking corsets), and be possessed by a demon.  But I wanted to ratchet up the dominant side... so why not have this TG artist LIKE being possessed by the demon?  In fact they work together to enslave more men into submissive girls.

With that idea I wandered over to Google Images and searched for "Sexy PVC corset".  I found a lot of images, but the women were all alone in the picture.  As Victoria doesn't like seeing male genitalia in her pics, I added 'lesbian' to the search.  Mmmm... there were a lot of images to choose from (including two caps from Mistress Simone!).  I was actually drawn to this one from another image in the same series (sadly I didn't save it).  It was the submissive kneeling before 'Victoria' about to suck on her strap on.  Very sexy, but it seemed a little to close to showing male genitalia.  But when I clicked through and found the whole set, I found the little gem I used here.

I had two stories come to mind... and they would play well with different designs.  The first was of Victoria telling her new slave how she came to be the woman she is now.  How the demon possessed her, and how they now work together to enslave new girls.  The other story idea was just Victoria talking to her new slave in shorter sentences... stuff like 'you like my strap on now don't you', 'oh look at your pretty breasts growing', and 'Your former life belongs to my demon, but the new you belongs to me'.

The first idea would work well with my new standard design.  The second would work well in the style of "The Hard Part" with the text written right over the picture.  The problem is that neither seemed to tell the whole story I had in mind.  Writing out the shorter sentences would be easier to design so I started with that.   After 15 minutes or so though, I had to give it up.  There really just wasn't the space to make it work well.  And really, the picture just didn't lend itself to the design.

I then went into Word and wrote out the story I have in the final version (in the text boxes) more or less. I did a variation on this design with the boxes, and it it was nice.  But the story really didn't seem to go with the picture.  I was left wondering why this particular picture was even used.

Then it hit me... why not do both?  I don't have to be so heavy handed in either part, and can let the two story styles work together.  The only design issue that came up was that I didn't have much space to write on the actuall image.  The text boxes were just getting in the way.  I swear, I actually smiled while playing around and tilted the image.  It was almost an homage to my previous style.  It lets me nod my head at tilting images like I used to, write on the image, and use the new text box format.  That is a Win Win in my  book!

And yes... I actually thought 'Win Win' to myself.  That's how the cap got its title.  I only had to add a single line to the story to make the title fit.  I wish I would have saved some of the previous work files, but I just kept playing around (without saving) so much that I couldn't move back to what I had.


  1. I just keep being impressed at your work line and workbench style Cait *giggle* that chain of thoughts going around in your head is something to be praised for. Not everyone can do that as you do in a well and "literature manner" ^-^

    And of course I do love the win - win - win but I have to say that's you should have said win to the fourth! *giggle* (Victoria wins, the demon wins, the sub wins and the reader wins!!!)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. You did an amazing job with how you presented the story. The perfect mix of background information to explain the scene and dialog to capture the emotions of the characters. Fantastic work.

  3. I liked it because it looked like you took a small, tightly wound caption and wrapped a story around it. Sort of like an Oreo cookie that was dipped in yummy fudge,