Friday, November 16, 2012

Dream Partner

Dreams can go both ways

I've had this image for awhile now, but as per normal I couldn't get a story for it.  It obviously (at least obviously to me) involved a transformed man giving a blow job.  But every time I went to write a nice hot story to match the hot image.... I fell short.  I just couldn't get into it.  And since I tried to start most days with capping this image and failing at it, I was left with little interest to try with another image.

Most of the story ideas I had focused on the blowjob itself.

  • A guy gets cursed by a group of witches he's been hitting on.  The curse changes him into a woman and compels him to blow his roommate any day that he hits on one of them.  
  • A variation on the Cinderella story... but when the guy is transformed into the princess he can only change back when he finds the cock that fits his mouth perfectly.
  • A version of the standard 'sissy school' story where a transformed guy is practicing so that he can pass his 'oral' class.
  • A bet between two guys at the gym... the one that loses their boxing match has to pretty himself up.  After losing several times in a row it's moved on to the scene here. 
But since each of these stories more or less started with sex as the goal, I couldn't get into writing it.  So this morning I took a different track.  I wanted to write a story that would transform the guy, and let the scene in the image happen later.  This would let me start writing in a more comfortable subject area and hopefully fit the image later.  

I think I did an OK job.  My first draft was 90% the guy and sally, and only a single paragraph of him getting transformed by the neighbor.  By the time I got to the scene in the image I was on a roll and just kept writing.  I didn't feel 'right' writing that part, but I was able to ride the wave and finish it.  And once it was written, I just had to edit it down.  

I'm hoping that this will spur me on to better 'hawt' caps in the future.  I don't consider the cap that good on it's own... it's almost a waste of an incredibly hot image.  But I think it serves just fine as a tool to get me headed back in that direction.  I hope that you get some enjoyment out of it.    


  1. Love it! What sissy doesn't dream of such a thing?



    1. It's certainly something I dream of!


  2. That might have been the best cap you have ever done! WOW

  3. I think its a wonderful caption! Short and simple but with much to read between the lines. I love how he was essentially stolen away from Sally by their neighbor, and is now trapped serving his every hedonistic desire. I can only imagine that Sally is suffering a similar fate, trapped as the dream lover of whomever she encountered while looking for her mysteriously vanished boyfriend.

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  5. I think it's a pretty hawt cap. *giggle* I liked the idea of her being compelled to do what he wants, but knows that it's not right. I do wonder what would happen if he invited a friend over...

  6. Thanks to our little conversation yesterday I found my way here to comment more on your caps. :) As I said we both still like the blowjob theme and you did a great job here. Being everyone's female dream lover must be a hard but also nice challenge. She seems to like it :)