Thursday, November 29, 2012


How could I deny this photo?

After I made "The Worst", I had several other images that were begging to be capped.  So this morning I planned on picking one of those up and working with it.  But of course I hit up my normal reading and playing first.  A couple blogs had updated, and I wrote up a few posts at DX.  My last stops before capping are the sites in my "Links I Enjoy".  And that's where I found this wonderfully sexy masked image:

Umm.... yeah.  You probably know I have a thing about beautiful masked women.  They just have that air of mystery and intrigue that I can rarely deny.  But for the most part, I don't cap masked women.  You probably know that my own 'Mask' that I refer to is a mental one.  I'm afraid that if I capped a bunch of masked women, that I would confused people.

But when I saw this image I didn't just see another sexy arousing woman wearing a mask... I saw me.  It's probably the loudest that 'Caitlyn' has spoken up since early October.  I had the majority of this story in my head at that very moment.  She (I?) was comforting a friend that knew her (me?) as a man, and who intended on saving her (me?).  The conversation would talk about the tranformative process, but only at the end would she realize that she (I?) didn't want to leave... that she was happier now as a woman.

Writing the story, therefore, was almost more of writing down something that someone was telling me.  This came out in one pass, with only a few minor edits to make the paragraphs line up in a better way.  I didn't even pause to add my own name to this.  And since I put myself in the cap, I figured it was only right to follow 'my' design path.  Black & White with some pink spot colored in areas.

Sadly that 'Caitlyn' feeling didn't last.  Looking at the story now, only an hour after I started, I don't get that emotional impact at all.  It's nice as a cap... but I almost feel that it was written for and even by someone else.


  1. I like this. A lot. It's almost as though you are talking to an old, hidden version of yourself, explaining that the old fear of concealing yourself has been conquered - finally.




  2. I understand how you feel about a cap feeling like it wasn't your own, or just didn't have the same feeling you thought it would have. But I do feel that this is very much a Caitlyn cap and that it was a beautiful use of this image.

  3. There's not much I can say to that, except: fascinating.

    Thank you for posting with your explanation.