Thursday, January 17, 2013

Decisions Decisions

Oh doc... don't throw me in that there briar patch!

So after making "True Friend" yesterday I really didn't think I'd be making a caption today. But as I do on most days I at least check out the newest posts to fuskator.  I mean, you never know when inspiration will strike right?  Well lo and behond inspiration DID strike.

When I saw this image, I just fell in love with the color spectrum used.  the dark and moody purples and blues contrasting with the happy tasty oranges really gave a duality to the image.  And her indifferent expression was very cappable.

The story idea came from all of that.  I pictured a dark story about someone transforming/torturing another person... giving that villain speech as it were... only to be interrupted mid villainous statement from the person saying that they aren't bothered by the procedures, but they want to stop as they now have the perfect body.

I though that this might be a pretty fun and funny cap, disguised up in a dark wrapper.  And when I think of fun and funny caps, I often think of Kaitlyn.  She's more sweet than dark... but I think that this treatment would tickle her funny bone.

It wasn't hard to write out the story... I just had to NOT think of Katilyn when writing the first part.  I wanted anybody reading it to think that this is one of my normal dark captions.   Then when I felt that I've set the mood, I completely switched gears and tried to go for a funny Katilynesqe voice to finish it off.

I figured a simple design would work best.  There really isn't much that I could do to the photo to enhance the dark feel from it, so I tried to do as little as possible.  So no ext box, no borders, not special filters on the title.  Just a single font/color for the 'mad scientist' and one font/color for Katilyn's voice.  It was easy enough to mimic those fonts and colors for the title, and then simply line the title up to fit exactly with the story.  The only issue I have with this layout is the empty space between the title and the model.  I don't think it's bad., and in all honesty I can't think of a clean way to fill up the space... but I'm not entirely happy with it.

Anyway.. this was a fun quick cap when I didn't expect to get anything.  At minimum I can be happy with that!


  1. Yeah. I agree. Why risk it? Leave well enough - well, ah, I mean fucking awesome! - alone. Even with the smoking.

  2. Actually, this works very well! Of course, I'm always happy to receive a caption from you. I'll agree, sometimes one can do too much to a picture in a caption, and suddenly it's too cluttered. In all truthfulness, the blank space between the model and the title allows the whole image to breathe... speaking of breathing, how about that smoking habit?

    1. Thanks Katilyn! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I've thought of a couple things I could do to use that space and still leave it as breathing room... but the cap is done.

      As for my smoking... it's still kicking my ass. i still smoke about a pack a day in addition to the e-cigs.

  3. You shouldn't overwork art...just turn and walk that smokin bod out the door. Maybe blow the good Dr. a kiss on the way know, for all the hard work.