Wednesday, January 16, 2013

True Friend

And now they'll be life long friends!

So I've owed Smitty several captions for quite a while now.  I think I've owed this cap since September.  Needless to say, I feel pretty bad for going this long without returning the wonderful Kinetic Text style cap that Smitty made for me... but honestly this hasn't been from a lack of trying.  It's just that I couldn't get the combination of images, story idea and just pure creative drive to make something really good.

Seeing as Smitty made me a Kinetic Text style cap, I wanted to do the same.  But I'm starting to think that maybe this isn't a good match.  You see when I think of making a cap for Smitty, I think of hot dirty squirmy caps.  I think of the type of caps that make you blush and look away, but still feel compelled to continue reading.  But lately when I think of the Kinetic Text style caps.... I think of them as more emotional.  More soulful.  That's not to say that I can't make a hot dirty Kinetic cap, nor that I can't make smitty an emotional soulful cap... but to combine either of those requires a perfect trinity of image, story idea and creative drive.

And as I said... I haven't had all three of those for awhile.   I've seen images that made me smile and blush (and moisten my panties), and even got a basic story from them... but it wasn't very smitty and I couldn't get the drive together for them.  I've had an idea and the drive... but no images.  I've even had the drive and images, but they just didn't tell me a story.

So... out of pure frustration, I decided that Smitty would just be getting a single or a straightforward series.  I still owe him two more caps, so I might still come up with everything to make a really good one.

With that in mind I started an image search the other day with just 'Smitty' in mind.  I found the following image, and fell in love:

At first it didn't give me any story idea, but I figured if I got one later, I may as well save it.  I even saved the link to the whole set on fuskator (go ahead and look!).  Then last night while watching television (The Rachel Maddow show of all things), I got an idea.  I honestly have no idea where it came from, as it doesn't relate to anything I saw on TV that night.   A guy helping a friend's father design the perfect girlfriend for his buddy.  As he told the father about what he friend would want the father would question him on how his thoughts worked.... making it obvious to anybody that this friend had just about everything they needed in a girlfriend except for the body (and obviously the desire to have sex with a man!).

I didn't have the image before me, but I did think that I could make the story work.  The girl he would describe would be the woman here, and I even  figured I could add in the position she was in somehow.  This morning I gave it a swing.... I pulled the image into Photoshop as a visual reminder and started to write. Most of the text in the text box came out in the first try.  The only problem with the story was that it didn't directly involve the image.  Sure... he talked about a variation on that position, and described the woman, but I never actually put him in that position.  And since I wrote it as Smitty's side of the conversation, it felt awkward to write out that part.  I decided that it would have to do... but when it was in the layout it just felt... off.  Wrong.

Understand, there are a LOT of caps that I enjoy that have a leap between the story and the image.  I get them... I think smitty (as well as most readers) would get this... but it just didn't feel right.  So I saved it and went about my day.  When I hit it back up this afternoon the idea came to me much in the same way the story idea did... just write out the 'moment' of hte image in a variation on the Kinetic Text style.  The little snippets did A pretty good job of linking the 'story' with the 'image'.  And it was fun to write it out as thoughts... especially "Where is lil' smitty!!"

I liked the way it looked but at first was conserend that the readers would read the larger kinetic text first.  But when I looked it over and read it I realized that it worked either way.  I'm not happy since I have wanted to make a full on Kinetic Text style cap for some time and this feels like a half measure... but at the same time I think that the cap works.

I hope both smitty and all of you out there enjoy it!


  1. Like I said on the Haven, this is a very creative and sexy cap. But let me say here that you never have to worry about being "even" with me. For one, I am a freak of nature. No one will ever catch up with me. For another, you have made a ton of caps for me, just as you have for all your readers. It doesn't matter what names the characters have, what matters is that the cap can pull me in and make me feel like I'm a part of your fantasy...and you've made more caps like that "for me" than I can count. So just keep doing what you do best and I'll try to do the same.

  2. I could be this girl. I would be this girl. I wish I was this girl.