Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bitter Rivals

Politics can suck!

So this cap is something of a departure for me.  Almost every cap I've made up to this point is built around someones preferences.  Sometimes mine, most of the time someone at the Haven.  But all of our preferences have one thing in common... we want to be transformed.  Our transformation preferences are wide and varied, sometimes involving cross dressing, sometimes magic, and sometimes technical means.  But they all involve the subject being transformed.

This cap though was written for a newcomer at the Haven.  Dunadin.  Dunadin made several caps for me, but when I asked him if he was going to make his own trading folder for me to make a return, he said he was happy making caps and sharing them and didn't like the idea of being the transformed person.  So I talked him into making a folder, but stating in his preferences that he would like the to be the person transforming someone and NOT being the person transformed.

Needless to say he did set up a trading folder and this cap is for him.  The first problem came up with finding an appropriate photo.  I wanted to focus in on the man in a photo as much as it focuses on the woman, and there just aren't a lot of photos like that out there.  Thankfully Dunadin didn't specify a prefered rating so I only spent a short amount of time looking through my normal Fuskator photos.  Those image sets are lucky to show a man's face, let alone focus in on him.  When I came across this image though, I liked how neither model is really focused on... just his hand on her hip.  It's black and white nature made me think of a classic secretary and for some odd reason a political rival.

The second problem came up in the writing.  At first I though it would be easy to write a cap like this.  Instead of imagining the woman going through the process or dealing with her newly transformed boy, I'd just simply hone in on the man doing the transformation.  Give more back story to him, and why he did this.  But as I started writing out the story I kept coming back to the newly made 'Nancy'.  I'd have to backtrack and edit out those parts and let Mr Brock's story come out more.

I like the story and am really curious to see what Dunadin thinks of it.  It really is quite different to write a story where the person doing the transforming is the main subject.  Hopefully he has some good notes for me as I still owe him three more caps.  We'll see if I can improve with this new format over time.


  1. I love the cap. I seriously do. The whole secretary theme, the hand on the hip, the implication of what's to come.. Your's was also the most fleshed out cap in the respects to what I perceive as my character's motives and mannerisms.

    And as for rating. I like for it to explicitly imply sex, or show it. And your's does that just so well.

    My second most favorite cap after your's was by Victoria.