Thursday, June 20, 2013

Workout Partner

Burn those calories!

I found this image set at Artful Porn (full image set here) and as soon as I saw it I had this cap written in my head.  It wouldn't be long or involved as I really just wanted to have both a hot and squirmy moment as well as a quick 'HA!' moment.

As is, I still probably wrote to much.  I imagine Dee (if she'd even make a cap out of an image like this) would have been able to sum up the entire cap in just a few lines.  But really for me this IS a very short caption!

I hope you get a chuckle out of this cap as I really can't ask for much more!


  1. Chuckle chuckle those dijnn always find away to mess it up don't they

  2. Did someone call my name? I saw a purple bat signal in the sky so I figured that someone was calling for me! Ironically, I was at the gym before I came home and read this! I didn't see any workout machines that made you stretch out like THAT!

    Great job and I think you whittled it down pretty damn good, especially knowing how verbose you can be. Its better to leave some meat on the bone though so people can chew on your design! I'd probably have just assumed people knew that Djinn's fucked with people and cut away too much of the details, and this caption has a certain rhythm to it I wouldn't want to touch.

    1. Heh... sorry about the purple bat signal. I guess I shouldn't toss my panties out onto that suspiciously placed spot light!

      Thanks for your kind words Dee!

  3. Masterful Caitlyn! Simply masterful. Loud sissy applause.

  4. I adore the brevity! Nicely done!

  5. Liked the picture you selected and the captain was perfect. He thought he had it all figured out but in the end he was screwed. Perhaps she likes that.