Saturday, July 13, 2013

Being Your Lover...

is more important then Being Your Man

So as I mentioned in the last few posts I haven't been feeling all that cappy lately.  It's nothing that I'm worried about as this is probably just my normal summer low period coming back to haunt me.  I'm fairly sure that I COULD make caps, but I don't want to force out sub par ones.  I'd rather let it happen more organically and be all that much happier with the result.

For the past few days I've been focusing in on greatgooglymoogly over at the haven.  She made me a lovely cap and I really enjoy making caps for her.  I think when I consider her, I make caps that are both sweet and loving and still quite 'hawt'.  Finding images wasn't a problem as there are plenty of romantic photo sets out there to choose from.  But while I'd sometimes get a bit of inspiration about a story, it just wouldn't flesh out.  In the past I probably would have forced one or more of these into cap forms, but I'm really glad I didn't.  You see, I kept up at the same idea each time... a guy's girlfriend wants him to change into a woman and while he doesn't really enjoy being a woman for the sake of being a woman, he does it because SHE wants it.  He does it for love.

Each time I'd find an image set I'd get that same idea back and add some more fun details.  He'd start with cross dressing and end up magically changed.  He'd be making love to a man to show just how much he loved his girlfriend.  He'd go out dressed and dance with a man.  He'd 'fake' the magic thinking it was another role playing scenario and then it would really change him.... and each time I added something, the story got more interesting.

Finally this morning it all came together.  This image set I found at fuskator had plenty of images to choose from and could let me write out the entire story and select the images later.  When I got down to writing the story came out nice and smooth and didn't feel forced at all.  Even designing it wasn't a struggle.

The only real issue I have is the first image... I love the lighting, I love her position, I love her action... I just wish I could see a bit more of her eyes.  When I zoomed it in for the header image I realized that you can't even see her iris.  I briefly considered changing the image out, but I had already worked the position into the story and formatting wise that image worked perfectly with the second image.  So... I'll take a few points off for a less than ideal image and still accept it as a good cap.

On future capping... well I still doubt that I'll be making as much as I did earlier in the year.  This past week I had all the time in the world to cap (I don't start at the new job until Monday), and I still couldn't produce anything that I felt was worth producing.  Next week I start working full time and God only knows how much time that will leave me for this.

But don't worry... I'm not upset nor am I worried about it.  I'll still cap and hopefully slowing down will allow me to hit more out of the park.


  1. good luck with your new start Monday, cyber life is fun but alas we all have to go back to real life. well look forward to your post howeverr sparse they may become,

  2. im a huge fan and was wondering if you could i make a cap about a transformation of a guy michael to a girl amy please!?

  3. Overall a really nice caption, you built the scenario up slowly which really paid off when the transformation happened.

    Good luck on your first day of work!