Monday, July 1, 2013

Monthly Report - June 2013

Serving up 101,295/141,852 Page Views

June actually started off on quite a high note.  If I had kept up the posting and kept receiving the same page views I would have ended up closer to 130,000 instead of barely cracking 100,000.  But between my capping less and playing around with the design I can't be sad with the attention I've received.

Anywho... let's get on to the numbers:

  • Total Page Views: 101,295/141,852
  • Total Visits: 26,678 (Averaging 5.32 views per visit)
  • 22,366 Visits were from referals
    • 4,244 from
    • 1,781  from Smitty's TG Caps
    • 1,586  from
    • 748 from
    • 544  from
  • 2,761 Visits were direct traffic
  • 1,547 found their way here via search
The majority of search terms that people used to find their way here were variations on "Caitlyn's Masks".  Although surprisingly the third most used term was simply 'tg caption'.  

This month's highest viewed caps were:
  1. A Good Friend - 3,729
  2. Taking Pride In Your Work - 3,443
  3. Playing Sissy - 3,113
  4. Workout Partner - 3,033
  5. Sating his lust - 2,913 
There obviously wasn't as many caps to choose from this month as I only posted 12 times.  9 caps, 2 discussions and last month's monthly report.  I think if I had posted more in the last 10 days of the month that "Workout Partner" would have ended up topping it.  

I'd normally list other caps that I believe deserve attention, but really I wasn't awfully impressed with any of the caps I made this month. It's one of the reasons I stopped making caps as I wasn't impressing myself. 

There wasn't a lot of conversation this month, although that's my fault as I didn't really respond to comments.  I do appreciate all the comments that I did receive though.  I'm normally excited and really like most caps when I post them, but after a day or so that 'newness' wears off and I realize I'm not nearly as happy with the caps... so when you comment that you enjoy them it's hard for me to thank you without going into why I don't like them myself.... and really that's just whining.  As I don't like to whine, I figure remaining silent is the best option.  But again... I do love seeing that a cap moved someone enough to leave a comment!

On the layout change... I had talked last month about how I enjoyed the black and white preview images but was going to give the color ones a try.  With my posting dropping off, it's hard to see if it's made an impact but my gut feeling is that having the preview images in color help separate them from non cap posts.  I don't see any reason to change back to just having a preview of the full cap, so the design and layout of the blog will more than likely be remaining constant for awhile. 

I talked a bit in my last post ("Change is coming...") about why I wasn't making many (or any) new caps.  I don't want to lay that all out again, but needless to say that I'm no closer to resuming than I was before.  I did want to say though that I don't look at this as a bad thing.  I'm not struggling or trying desperatly to cap.  I bet if I wanted to, I could whip off a cap on most days.  I'm just going back to a higher standard.  I don't want to cap JUST to cap.  I want to be proud of my caps both when I post them and days later as well.  If that takes me a few more days, weeks or even months, then I'm willing to wait.  

Before, I would have worried that I'd lose my audience if I took a sabbatical like this but now I know that my friends will always stop back by.  Thank you for that! As always, thank you for viewing this and for visiting the blog! 

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