Saturday, March 15, 2014

Simone's Birthday Gifts

Happy Birthday Simone!

This was a quick cap I made up just now.  While posting "Man's Man" over at the Haven, I noticed that Simone's profile showed that it was her birthday.  Well... I often forget birthdays and am reduced to wishing someone a belated happy birthday.  So given this opportunity I decided to go ahead and give Simone an on time Birthday Cap.

It didn't take long to find an appropriatly elegant photo to use.  In fact once I found an image, it led me to several images.  All of which I could have used for Simone:

It's nothing major or new, but I think it should be right up Simone's alley.  She does love that glamorous look, and she does love to include other's in  her caps.   I hope she not only likes this, but enjoys her Birthday!

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