Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'm Back!

With a brand new sexy cap and a sexy new direction!

If you haven't read the cap already, I'd suggest you do so.  You see, I'm coming back but in a new direction.  You all know I've lost my 'Caitlyn' voice awhile back and said I just couldn't get into the whole TG thing any longer.   I realized last week that I had that only half right... I couldn't get into the Male --> Female TG.  But Female --> Male?  Well there's something that I CAN dig my teeth into.  

Who, especially in this community, hasn't felt 'odd' in their own body.  It's something that we play around with quite a bit in our caps. Feeling the sway of breasts or the distinct lack of 'material' in our underwear.  It's those strange feelings that we navigate towards.  In my particular caps those feelings are often accompanied by embarrassment and outright humiliation. Underneath those 'OH MY GOD' feelings though was a desire to actually feel them.  To really understand what it's like to have long hair, a made up face, and sexy clothes all while the world looked at us as 'normal.  

So while I no longer have that strong desire to experience that side of the equation, I DO want to experience what it is to be a fit and attractive masculine man.  I've told you about my physique a bit before, and while I certainly can't pass as a woman I'm not the poster child of masculinity either.  I don't have a strong chin or jawline and while I can get a five o'clock shadow it takes me a couple weeks to do so.  I could lose a few (more than a few) pounds so my body doesn't have those tight lines that male models do.  More or less what I'm saying is that I have a desire to be a different person.  I want to be that masculine fit sexy guy.

And that desire can be fed into cap form.  It's perfect!  I can continue to play in photoshop.  I can write out those squirmy sexy scenes but focus on the masculine change as opposed to the feminine.  I can even have fun with the standard cap tropes by turning them around on themselves.  The room mate having to go get a job and be the bread winner.  Getting promoted at work and having to fill out the responsibilities of the boss.  The cheerleaders getting pissed and making you into one of the football players.  Being turned into a Playgirl model.  The family curse that demands the oldest child be a boy.  A gangster wedding wish for a 'masculine child'.  Dressing up for a costume party and being mistaken for a regular guy. 

Just as I occasionally took a more serious tone, I can do that with this new form too.  Imagine a version of my 'Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man?' cap that focuses on finding masculine traits in women.... and the winner becomes the woman's man. Or a cap focusing on a woman that just doesn't like all the frilly feminine things in life and wants the 'privilege' that comes with masculinity.  

I think there is a lot of room here to have good open gender discussions while poking fun at both the real world and our own TG world.  

Of course this will require an overhaul of the site.  I'd consider making a brand new blog but lets face it... I already have an audience here and there's no better way to spread the news than through word of mouth.  Expect the subtle pinks to be replaced with subtle blues.  I'll have to come up with a new watermark but the 'mask' theme will stay.  And of course there's the title of the blog;  Calvin's Masks has a nice ring to it don't you think?  For now I'll leave up my old material but eventually I'll move all of Caitlyn's stuff over to some new blog.  Maybe that's what I'll use the wordpress blog for.  

Now I know some of you may not be interested in this new direction.  I wish I could say that I'm coming back as my former self... but Caitlyn's gone.  Calvin is here to stay.  Just as I could occasionally write caps that were outside of my wheel house (think of things like pregnancy or short witty caps), I'm sure I'll occasionally be able to slip into a Caitlyn state of mind and make up a 'standard' male to female cap.  

For all the audience that will leave and not come back, I'm sure that I'll gain new people.  I'll have to find some hub of 'female to male' gender swaps like Rachel's Haven is for male to female gender swaps but I'm sure there's one out there.  And if they don't know the joy of caps then maybe I can bring something new to their party!  

Anywho... I really hope that you enjoy the new direction I'm taking and will continue to stop by and see what I've cooked up.  I've wanted to stay a part of the community and I think this will help me have a voice again.  You all know I love and treasure your friendships!

And if you've read through all that and were willing to take this odd jump with me, then I really REALLY enjoy your friendship.  I'm sure some of you recognized this as the funny calendar celebration that I had fun with, tongue firmly in cheek.  

If you don't get the reference, please take a look at your calendar (or at least the date that this was published), and I'm sure you'll see that I'm just playing the fool on this special day!


  1. April fools ? Welcome back. I very nice story and photo. You have added to an interesting niche and I look forward to more from you.

    1. Indeed Lee, this was pure April first foolery. While I think there is room for someone to explore this niche, it won't be from me.

  2. Very funny Caitlyn! NOT! God! You had me so excited to think you were back, no matter in what form. I have missed you so much and the thought that you were returning had me doing sissy skips of joy. I'm crying little sissy tears now that you had your little fun. But guess what? I still love you! Always have. Always will.

    Kiss kiss bad girl,


    1. I'm sorry Leeanne. I just wanted to have a little fun and certainly never intended to make one of my friends sad or upset. I hope the other cap at least made up for that a bit. I always want you doing sissy skips of joy!

  3. Nice. I didn't read this until the next day but you had me until you got to the redesign of the site

    1. As I was writing this up, I was constantly wondering where the 'too far' point would be had. I actually went back and read some of my previous posts just so I could mimic my more 'talkative' posts and not under or over sell the joke.