Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Learning to Please - Pleasing to Learn

What would you do to please the one you love?

Just a quick and dirty write up for this one as this series took me about 7 hours to make.  Evidently the urge to cap may come once and again, but breaking the rust off takes more time.

I took a vacation recently involving a long drive.  On the drive back home I more or less got a little bit of Caitlyn back.  If you're keeping up on my private 'Calvin' blog you can read about the story idea I had.  That little bit of Caitlyn left once I got back to work... but the urge to write that story out was very strong.  Seeing as I didn't have the gumption to ever finish the other story ideas I had, I wasn't about to waste time on trying to do this one.  That left me with some frentic energy, and what better way to purge that kind of energy than cap?

My first thought was to follow the old rules.  Head over to fuskator, find a good old fashioned 'hawt' set and write out a quick 'hawt' cap.  There were many great images and image sets to pick from... but only a few gave me any inkling of an idea:

The full fuskator set can be seen here.  I really just adore the expression on the brunette's face.  I didn't get much of a story for it though.  I got a zinger... a final line.  "See, I told you he could fuck better than you ever did!"  Something the blonde was saying to her newly transformed former boyfriend while her new boyfriend fucked him/her.   But without more than that (why did she transform him?  did he/she say that he could fuck better than anybody?) I couldn't cap it.

Another set I found that gave me ideas (or at least stirrings) was this one.

This one I pictured in a 'Simone' style tone.   One of the women here would be speaking in a sultry dominating tone to her new pet who was just beginning to explore his/her new sensuality.  But I knew that I'd want to use more than one of the images, and that it would be tough to write out something long enough for three or four panels.

So I kept looking.  When I came upon this set, there were just so many good poses.  So many good expressions.  And with the spartan background I immediatly knew that this was perfect for a kinetic text style cap series.  Before the idea left me, I opened up MS Word and Photoshop and got to working.

Instead of trying to write each panel out individually, I took the easier path.  I opened up an image that should be the first one, went into word (while still being able to see the image) and wrote out a few lines.  I knew from the start that this was going to be a body swap.  What really sold me were the images used in panel 3 and panel 6.  The two with her legs wrapped around his neck.  I saw those images and the little differences between them and figured one would be him eating her out, and the other would be her eating him out.  With that in mind, I figured the BJ pic would be the last one.  Depending on the path I took it could be either one last humiliation for him, or a final acceptance for him.  Either way... Blow Job!  YAY!

Anywho... so I wrote out a few lines for each panel.  The tone that initially came out was more loving and sweet, so I just kept up with that.  The only change I made when putting the text into the images was adding the 8th panel.  My first plan was the text on the 9th panel would actually be over the BJ pic... but when I got there I realized that it worked just SO much better all alone.  No words.  No thoughts.  Just pleasing his wife.

As I didn't want to dump any of the text, that meant that I had to use another panel.  And as the story ended in the previous panel, I figured that was the best place for the title.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think that may be the first time I ever used a title as the last panel.

About half way through putting the text in the panels, I came upon the idea of making them black and white and coloring the subject (him in the first few panels, her in the last few).  But in all honesty, coloring out their entire body would be far to time consuming.  So this was my half attempt of playing with color.  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  I think any of the four ideas could work... all black and white, all color, spot colored as is, or spot colored with the whole body.  I'll leave it up to you to decide which would look best.

BTW: Yes, it was intentional that the color starts taking up more and more space.  No, I have no idea what that's supposed to signify other than it seemed like a cool idea at the time.

I hope you enjoy this, and I hope that I get the urge to cap again soon.  If not, I'll be up with some other BS post in a couple months.


  1. do hope you start capping again---when you are ready...........

  2. I shake my head and how talented you are. This is one of the few times I wanted to BE in her/his position. Your writing found the sensuality in the images. It's very powerful. *whew!*

  3. A great set and fabulous layout. I had better make a few notes for next time I see the gf.

  4. Thank you all for the kind words. After re-read this, I have to say I'm actually a little disappointed in myself. The words and tone are close to what I wanted, but it feels a little rushed. Like there should be more time spent in certain areas. And while I like the graphic work, I think it would have been more powerful without the spot colors. Either full color or full black and white would have been better.

    I'm not sure if it's just the process of 'knocking off the rust' or just being so out of habit, but I think the fact that I spent hours and hours working on this should have produced a better result. If I had finished this in a couple hour, I'd say the final result matched the work put in. As is... I don't think it was worth it.

    That being said, seeing three very kind responses makes me happy I made it and put it up here!