Monday, September 26, 2016

All That Work...

...and this is what I get!

I had always heard the rumors.   Everybody knew that the law firm had a zero tolerance policy toward sexual harassment.  The rumor was that if any member of the team was caught doing anything near sexual harassment that they were made to feel it’s affect in person.  That they were somehow magically changed into a woman and either performed the sexual favors they had themselves asked for or they were fired. 

I worked long and hard to get a position with this prestigious firm.  It was the driving force between my studying at Harvard.  It was the driving force between my time at the DA’s office.  It was the driving force at all those networking events where I built up the contacts needed to even apply.  And after years of hard work… I got it!  I was the newest addition to the legal team.  For months I slaved away as the perfect employee.  I put in dozens of extra hours every week just to show that I was a good member of the team.   All the while I asked around about that rumor.  Nobody would confirm it, instead just saying that the firm had a strict no tolerance attitude toward inappropriate behavior. 

When I got that new secretary It was almost like they were testing me.  She oozed sexy out of every single pour.  I mean who wouldn’t ask her out.  Yeah, slapping her on the ass and calling her babe might have been over the top, but she gave me every sign that she would like that.  Boy was I wrong. 

The senior partners called me in and asked if I understood their no tolerance policy.  When I told them I did know it and would accept anything they had to offer just to show that I could continue to be a good member of the team they confirmed everything I heard.   They told me that I would spend one week as a girl in the secretarial pool.  That during that week I’d work for the senior partners and they would sexually harass me to ensure I would never forget what it felt like.  As soon I was agreed I was somehow changed into the very body of my sexy secretary. 

The first six days were humiliating, but tolerable.  Being called babe, sweet cakes, and worse chipped away at my self-image.  Being groped and pinched and teased made me squeal and blush like any girl.  And I couldn’t complain about it a single time… just like I hadn’t expected my secretary to complain.  On the seventh day I had to work for Mr Alexander… and he told me nobody seemed to believe that I had learned my lesson.  That as such I would continue to stay in this body and I would work for him until he believed I had become a changed man. 

Mr Alexander went well beyond what any of the other partners did.  He never once pinched my ass, instead giving me a full spank every time he noticed me bending over.  He’d call me into his office and have me actually sit on his lap to take dictation.  I had to give him a kiss hello every morning and a kiss goodbye every evening.   After a week of this treatment he said he would have to take it up a notch as I still didn’t seem to appreciate my lessons. 

That’s when I learned about sex as a woman.  It was as though he read my mind and played out every sexual fantasy I’d ever had of office sex.  I’d have to crawl under his desk to give him a morning BJ.  I had to bend over his lap to get a spanking for any misdeed.  I had to crawl onto his lap and ride his cock like a whore.  He’d even come out to my cubicle while I was on the phone and tie me up with the cord and fuck me from behind while I tried to finish the call. 

After a month of these experience he told me that it was obvious I’d never learn my lesson.  To this day I don’t know what behavior I needed to show them.  The partners have agreed to make my position as Mr Alexander’s secretary permanent.  They’ve set me up with all the paperwork I need to establish my new identity.  And Mr Alexander has made it very clear that he’ll treat me anyway he pleases… that my being used as his sex toy will continue as he sees fit. 

Years studying at college.  The destruction of my private life so that I could devote extra hours at work.  The time, sweat, blood, and tears I’d shed just to get a job at this firm…. It’s all paid off just as I wanted.  I’m so thankful that the rumors are true and that I’m now getting to live out my fantasy of being a sexy woman being used in the office by her domineering boss.  I wonder if I should tell Mr Alexander that this was my plan all along.  I wonder if he’d spank me again for that?   

source:  fuskator

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