Friday, September 23, 2016

On The Outside

But whats going on inside?

Looking in the mirror I can’t help but be amazed at just how sexy your wife is.  Her long brunette hair, her deep soulful eyes, her luscious curves, her smooth skin.  The way her impressive breasts hang down and brush over the bedspread as you hover over her and plow in and out of her.  The way her mouth hangs open and that sultry moan spills out past her plump painted lips.  She’s the picture of sexuality.  It’s almost the perfect picture of a loving couple. 

I always knew your wife was a bitch.  Much like my own bride, she was self-centered, egoistical, and manipulative.  She’d always played you like a violin and used your love to her own benefit.  So when she came to me and asked for my help I was suspicious.   She did seem to have the facts on her side… we were two couples in the wrong marriage.  You and I were best friends since high school.  If we had been boy and girl we’d have made the perfect couple.  But as we were both raging heterosexuals that was never a love that could happen.   It seemed the perfect mirror when she admitted to loving my wife.  That she’d always felt more masculine and had even secretly tried to seduce my bride away from me. 

It didn’t work.  While your wife may go both ways, mine is just as straight as you and I.  Your wife’s suggestion to make everybody happy was to learn from each other.  If she could be more like me, and I could be more like her both of our marriages may be saved.  It made sense…. Even if her method was a little weird.  She held up that coin and said that if we held it we’d gain intimate knowledge of each other.  I held back my laughter if for no other reason that it would mean losing the opportunity of teaching her how to make you happy. 

When I touched the coin there was no light show or strange feeling or magical aura.  At one minute I was sitting across from your wife and at the next… I was in the body of your wife looking at my own smiling face.  I… er… my body… er… she…. Damn it… your wife in my body explained that she’d worked long and hard to get this magic to work right.  It seems that the coin not only switched our bodies but ensured that we’d be the only ones we could ever talk about it with.  And with that she… he… left.

When you came home I tried to explain what happened.  I’m sure you remember what happened instead.  I walked right up and instead of saying anything I rose up on my tiptoes and gave you a big sensual kiss.  As I struggled internally to stop your strong arm went around me and kissed me right back.  Over the next few days I slowly realized that she’d told the truth… I was incapable of doing anything to share the knowledge of who I really was.  If I didn’t try to tell you, I had complete control of my body.  We could watch the football games together, go to the movies, share dinner, and do whatever we wanted.  But any attempt of mine to let you know resulted in me throwing myself at you. 

From afar I’ve watched my old marriage seemingly get renewed.  My old wife and your old wife in my body never seemed happier.  Just like we’ve never seemed happier.  From the outside, everybody has won.  You love your wife as she seems to enjoy your company and all the things that you enjoy.  My old wife gets the man she always wanted and your old wife gets to BE that man.   But on the inside… I’m still stuck.  I’m a normal every day guy stuck in the body of a sexy sensual woman.  My body loves you… hell I practically get wet every time you kiss me.  But while I’m moaning and panting and orgasming away on the outside I’m dying a little on the inside knowing that my best friend is fucking me.  

source:  fuskator

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