Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Selfie Love

Love Thyself!

When Calvin joined the site ‘Selfie Love’ he thought he’d hit the jackpot.  The idea was a bit strange, finding someone’s selfie that you could replicate and then matching up with them, but there were so many beautiful woman posting exotic sensual selfies that he knew he’d eventually find a match and get a date with a real catch. 

He initiated contact several times by mimicking the girls’ selfies, but some of the girls were oddly specific.  If he didn’t have the angle just right or the correct background they’d dismiss him.  So when he saw Caitlyn’s invite to try and match her selfie he went all out.  He found the street and even found the right balcony to use.  He got a pair of sunglasses and tilted his head just like hers before snapping and posting the selfie.  Her response was quick, saying it wasn’t close enough.  But instead of ending there she sent him an address telling him he could get closer to her there. 

Arriving at the location he saw it was a beauty salon and spa.  Entering he told the receptionist why he was there.  Her smile was an unusual combination of standard happy greeting and shocked warning… but she lead him back and into one of the chairs without a word.   When the stylist came up she looked at her notes and just mumbled ‘Ah, getting ready for Caitlyn I see’  and got to work.  She dipped Calvin back and washed his hair and then worked on it for what felt like hours.  When Calvin tried to ask what she was doing she’d just shush him and remind him that this was for a date with Caitlyn.  Without letting him see what she’d done with his hair… did it feel longer?  Was it brushing his shoulders?... she started work on his face.  An exfoliant and several other creams made his face baby smooth but then she continued and even applied makeup.  Another questioning protest was silenced with the reminder of a date with Caitlyn.  The stylist even whispered into his ear that if he was successful that he was sure to have one of the sexiest kinkiest dates ever. 

That promise kept Calvin silent through the rest of the day where his body had all of its hair removed, his nails extended, a corset fitted, lacy panties pulled on, stockings held up with garter belts added, a pair of pretty heels, a frilly pink dress, and finally the very same pair of sunglasses Caitlyn used in the photo.  When Calvin was finally able to see himself in the mirror he expected to look similar to how Caitlyn looked, but was shocked to see just how closely he matched her. 

With a final pat to his skirted and pantied ass the stylists all encouraged him to hurry as he would get the perfect selfie now.  Without giving time for his worries to overcome his desire to be with an obviously kinky Caitlyn, Calvin rushed back to the same location, tilted his head just so and snapped the selfie.  As it posted he heard a deep masculine voice off to the right say “You’re the first one to get it just right!  Are you ready for your sexy kinky date… Caitlyn?”

source:   Modern Goddess


  1. Looks like Calvin might have bitten off more than he can chew. Probably cannot run in those heels either, even if he wanted to.

  2. A date he'll remember forever.